Party Scoopers - February 7, 2017

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Party Scoopers - February 7, 2017

Party Scoopers - February 7, 2017

Live from the karl chevrolet studios in west des moines, this is cw iowa live.

>> good morning everybody.

It is time for the show down.

Republicans versus democrats in the ultimate cage match on party scoopers.

[laughter] >> what, no.

>> that's a lot of built up.

>> good morning everybody.

Is a tuesday so we want to catch up on what's happening in the world of politics and we do that of course with a republican and democrat craig robinson and jeff link.

Thank you guys so much rain here.

Of course james is filling in for lou so we can get another perspective thrown into the mix.

About still happening.

Headlines every single day of what trump is up to, executive orders and topics of discussion.

Probably the biggest original talking about his immigration right now.

Also what ishappening with devos or with education .

With the kind of filibuster going on right now.

Dig in anytime you want., we want to talk about today.

>> there is a lot to cover.

Trump has had a frenetic schedule over the first couple weeks.

Is becoming clear that is pressure testing is going on inside the white house as well as in congress because when you move fast like that, he wants to show action but it turns out he is not really checking with anybody on any of these actions and our system is built that you have to check in with congress if you are the president.

Now he is picking a fight with you judiciary and i think maybe they should take a step back and remember that we have three separate but equal branches of government.

You have to work together.

That is kind of the lesson i think .

>> they are there for checks and balances.

>> they are they are there for checks and balances because you do not want to run some of you over the entire government.

>> this is kind of the problem that all presidents have.

Obama had this problem to where you want to take action and sometimes they maybe do a little more with executive action with the pen then they should.

I think trump's problem is not necessarily the executive orders, i think his problem is he does not even check in with some of his own cabinet members.

We had a lot of talk about the travel ban.

This is something that did not maybe go through the proper chambers of his own cabinet before going out.

I think when you do that, when you go to that process you're able to bet and find some problems in the rollout would be a little smoother.

I think sometimes trump is his own worst enemy like he was still back in the campaign.

>> my issue is he starting, while he had a fight with the media for a long time so probably not fear the media sites to talk about it but he is saying you do not report the most recent twitter tweet was that you guys knowreport on all the facts and you do not tell all the stories .

Basically made up a story of something that media did not cover.

Will it's like his organizatio speaking of stories now.>> everyday.

>> of things that we do not cover .

>> you can't do that.

>> my washer for the latest thing they released, i've not really read up on all this.

They released all of these different attacks or whatever that of gone on in america that they did not feel got as much coverage across.

>> is across the globe.

>> the that the docket is much news coverage as possible.

To me thislike the present of the natives .

At the this is a tactic that he is basically giving the media a homework assignment saying here is this.

You refuted.

While they are busy doing that.

>> you are forgetting about this.

>> themedia jumps on it.

They pounces start to break it all apart and they are writing stories .

No we dedicated x amount of time and meanwhile we are not part it takes them off the beat of the devos confirmation.

>> the supreme court.

>> the supreme court and all the stuff.

There was this notion that his supreme court pick was going to get caught up in all of this bluster that is going on and that would be a negative thing.

I thought from day one it will be a positive thing because he will seem cut and dry.

There'sreally no dramatic or controversy with him .

While trump kicks up the storm, this guy's sales through.

>> steve bannon hear that name out there a lot.

About people are thinking that there these are his ideas for he is the one pulling all the strings behind it.

Cheney type with the george w was referred to as well.

What do you guys think?

Are they working together or is bannon intentionally kind of influence.

>> this will be an interesting story to watch.

Obviously we have seen trump is very impulsive.

He jumps from one thing to another.

It appears that steve bannon was a very bright guy has a specific worldview.

He came from breitbart.

They had a specific view as conspiratorial.

They were against anybig institutions .

So he is the one for instance who pushed hard on the travel ban and did not want to consult with anyone else because he wanted theelement of surprise .

It has come out that he loves that book the art of war and so he sort of operates under the tenants of this ancient chinese book about more.

>> more calculated.

>> totally calculating.

I think he is really sort of focused in linear as opposed to trump was kind of all over the place.

I think he is sort of pushing trump a lot of different directions.

>> i know bannon a little bit.

I have worked with him on a few projects and of the past.

I do think he is an intelligent guy.

I understand why he is controversial.

The interesting thing for meas he does not have much of a public face.

You see him , there's a lotof talk about him but you never hear it from him .

I think that adds to the lore that is building up with him.

You have the whole saturday night live this past weekend.

>> i saw those yeah.

>> apparently the white house is all upset about melissa mccarthys rendition of sean spicer.

I am sure trump loved the fact that saturday night live viewed bannon as the grim reaper.

We do not really know the dynamic how this plays out.

I always thought that bannon and trump were probably two peas in a pod.

I probably think they see the world in the same way and bannon is more strategic thinker and how he wants to unveil this stuff.

I think the two of them come i think is very powerful within the white house.

I think he definitely has trump seer.

The question is we do not know a lot about him.

I think the mystique adds to all of this almost fear of who is this guy and what is he doing.

>> he obviously has a lot of power within this administration because he convinced trump to put himself on the national security council and kick the joint chief of staff chair off.

That is a huge move.

>> that is huge.

>> that never happened in the obama initiation.

They never suggested that he should be on thenational security council in place of a general .

That is exactly what bannon has done here in the first couple weeks.

It is amazing that he has that much sway over trump.

>> again, i look at that move and i wonder if it is part of the convincing trump to go along with this is the fact that maybe trump want to have someone that he trusts that he can talk to in the sense that you get this information so you are not necessarily is this is kind of the military, the industry people think of what is going on.

It gives him something he can actually bounce some of these things off of so he can have a little more perspective.

Donald trump is a very different president than what we are used to.

He operate differently.

The media's reaction to him is different than we have seen in a long time.

>> would you say it will be an unprecedented presidency?

>> absolutely .

I think a lot of us wait for the campaign to be over, can't wait until this is over and everything comes down.

I do not think this ever calms down.

I think this is the pace and the tenor of the next four years.

>> how do we stay clearheaded?

No matter what side of the fence you are on how do we stay in the mind's eye of what we are looking at, the things we need to be looking at sewer not distracted by to whatthe media is necessarily going after ?

>> kathy this is adifficult thing for the media to do.

They cannot be distracted.

Some people in the media can be .

I think you have to talk about what has been done before, what is he doing differently and really spell it out and let people judge whether they like it or not.

Instead of counseling, he took a call with the prime minister of australia the end of last week.

I understand why the news media does it, it's a great headline.

But again i think the fact is justly off the story and let the people decide if they think that action was justified by the president versus going all into get a big headline and get a lot of click and they are almost making trump's case against the media when sometimes you do the those things.

>> me what he was tired and craig and yelled at the prime minister.

>> he might always be tired and crazy.

We do not know.

>> number one argument against hillary clinton was that she did not have the stamina for the job.

He was tired and cranky at 430 p.m.

>> i think it was a sore subject in terms of taking on 1600 refugees from australia.

Again, it's a staffing issue party should have been prepped for that.

This is something the obama menstruation agreed to in december.

Is staff that he was surprised on a phone call.

That should not happen pretty has look at that stuff and i should never be surprised when i'm on the phone call with another foreign leader.

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