Woman Partly Skeptical on Border Wall’s Effectiveness

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Published on October 3, 2019 -

Woman Partly Skeptical on Border Wall’s Effectiveness

One of the reasons the community installed the wall was to prevent water from creeping into homes.

Woman Partly Skeptical on Border Wall’s Effectiveness

One granjeno woman says she agrees with today's executive action.

She says she already sees the benefit of the current wall.

Channel 5's carolina cruz continues our coverage tonight.

An area of olivarez's backyard view already has a border wall.

She says it's helped with protection on the levee, but not with the flow of people crossing illegally.

There's an eerie notion in this part of town.

From here you can't tell what hides beyond the levee.

"i've heard they've found ladders with you now, with hooks with ropes.

So i mean people will always find a way to cross no matter what you do " a concrete barrier separates elizabeth olivarez from the continuation of u-s land on the other side.

The river dividing the u-s from mexico is still about a mile away.

This granjeno community lays in a flood zone.

The wall prevents water from creeping into homes "there was floods before and i don't think that levee would have taken all that water" its original intent of deterring people from crossing the border illegally hasn't been as effective "people who cross the border illegally from mexico will eventually reach this border wall.

All they need to do is walk a couple more feet and then they reach a gap in the physical barrier" once those crossing reach the other side of the wallthere's a spot olivarez says they use to camp out.

It's a resting zone before continuing their journey north we found traces of those journeys.

Clothing, a wallet, and a baseball cap all left behind.

Each one telling a different story.

" still , no matter what, the wall si there, you still have people crossing.

Doesn't matter, they'll find a way" olivarez supports president donald trump's decision to construct more border fencing or wall.

She says time will tell on whether it stops the flow of traffic elizabeth olivarez says she's still not convinced that a continuous wall along the border will be a reality any time soon.

President trump told a-b-c news that construction of the border wall could start in months.

He added it's already in the planning stages.

In the studio, carolina cruz, channel 5 news at 10/10:30.

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