3 Sisters Bluegrass Festival

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Published on October 2, 2019 -

3 Sisters Bluegrass Festival

The 3 Sisters Bluegrass Festival is back this weekend.

Free shows at Ross's Landing on Friday and Saturday.


3 Sisters Bluegrass Festival

"...and my son george came in the office and said "i'd like to do a festival.

What do you think?"

And i said, "okay."

And that's about the extent of our pre- planning.

We asked carla pritchard to co-ordinate it.

To hire the bands and secure the vendors.

To co-ordinate with the city and close riverfront parkway and hire a good sound facility and all that.

So we've had it for eight years and it's never rained.

And we hope this year's gonna be the same."

... we'll be right back.

You're watching let's chatt years ago talk to the festival came to be no course, the factor is no longer the music that he brought the landing on for yet another recesses with accessible kyla still at the range making it happen.

Things are going.

I right when looking forward to for 2019 years and it this weekend.

It is this weekend.

There's a lot going on this weekend as usual the first weekend of october of that weather is great by the way, fletcher is right, it almost never rains.

I do not on what you have a great now they can migrate and that's what the people at forward to negative introduces the ball in the way everything they bring some of the best names in bluegrass to the waterfront for free concert for festival starts on friday at 6 o'clock and then continues knowledge evening in and start again.

Name at noon on saturday.

Again all day long until about 1030 that evening.

What amazes me is that it continues to be free each year, pretend and enjoy and other printed failure whole damn it if you just want to sit and enjoy the music and letters at other options as are pretty straightforward festival like one big stage and so manned on and off all day long.

The start i every year with the new dismember can stand to bright worse with the long-time family member that is never to stand and that the fletcher bright company that does video find this hope program and and will encourage the level bluegrass that i still afford to fletcher and family, but then on the aphid vendors galore, and a family-friendly wear on the green at ross's landing.

They can bring your blanket to spread out and bring the family and the dogs even then a little touch of traditional bluegrass and not the traditional bluegrass which is daughter elinor is now part of the new district and i think that's really on and then on following them on friday.

For instance, were bringing a reall popular folk duo called mandoli orange.

They were in river last year you had the nam have their trading a huge following there any people in early that this year and to see them and then i'm rounded out that evening with 10 county line family favorite the time traveling the curried and peed around in a special tribute to bill monroe with the father bluegrass and exit the sample of what you can expect on little of everything, but all rooted in the tradition, the, i do love how you knew when and the different styles that we need to know about tickets of course that's happening this weekend.

Friday today bryce and i will do get things there are new ticket, th latest reinvent no gate, no you know they can fix the clock.

We start on friday night and then at noon again on saturday so come and enjoy.

We got them young progressive fans.

I we find more information at three sisters bluegrass

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