empty bowl fundraiser

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Published on October 2, 2019 -
empty bowl fundraiser

empty bowl fundraiser

Ten churches participated in the empty bowl fundraiser.

They made different kinds of soups for people in the community to eat.

All proceeds went to the local hope organization that stands for helping others pursue enrichment.

K-e-t-k's karah rucker went to the event.

She joins us live in the studio with more, karah?

Karah rucker: yeah daniel, the hope organization hosted about thirteen churches who donated soups.

There was also other bakery foods ---- sold and auctioned to help raise money for their cause.

The money will go towards feeding people in their local community.

For six years, the hope organization has hosted their empty bowl fundraiser.

They say each year, it just gets bigger.

"it's like i said, like a family reunion because we are a small community, we know most of everybody.

It's just a blessing for everyone."

They say the empty bowl is meant to be fun and the community has a good time taste testing all kinds of soups.

"we encourage people to go table to table and try the difference soups.

It's fun for one thing, it's a good chance to get together, and it's a good fundraiser."

The jacksonville community came together for a cause they support.

"just the premise that there are empty bowls in our city--their service is just invaluable to our community and i'm very thankful for them."

"this is my first year doing it and i think i'll be back because i'm having a whole lot of fun.

You know, you have to pay it forward."

The hope organization says all profits go toward helping those in their hometown.

"we aren't just giving people a hand out, we're here to we're here to help them and give them a hand up and to where they can eventually work toward being self-sustaining."

Karah rucker: for more on the hope organization, you can visit our website, east texas matters dot com.

Reporting live in the studio, karah rucker ketk news.

Daniel pierce: still to come on

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