Alana Hantavirus Death

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Published on October 1, 2019 -
Alana Hantavirus Death

Alana Hantavirus Death

Kim the hantavirus claims the life of a utah county mother.

Good 4 utah's alana brophy has details... and how you and your family can stay healthy.

00 - :13 :13 - :19 :54 - 1:10 1:51 - 2:05 "gloves, a mask and disinfectant---it's what you'll need to clean up rodent droppings in a home, shed or building.

An important message as the hantavirus claims a second life in utah this year."

Hilary wolfley/utah county: "it's absolutely frightening, i wouln't even know how to protect myslef or my kids from that.

The tragic news about the hanta virus killing a mother of four is leaving utah county residents in shock... i'm just to the point that where i can't keep track of all the viruses i am supposed to be worried about now, and i don't know how to manage it or handle it."

On average, the hanta virus is linked to death in utah each year.

So far, we've had two.

Steve mickelson/director of nurses/utah county health department: "it went from what looked something like a flu, to her passing away in 48hours."

Blood samples confrimed the virus, which the health department says the woman contracted while cleaning a house.

Steve mickelson/director of nurses/utah county health department:"the home isn't an old home.

This was a home built in the last decade , cleaning the kitchen , probably near the sink area some droppings, the duist fromt he droppings she probably inhaled."

The virus can only be spread from rodent to human.

But hanta becomes airborne when droppings are disturbed..

The deer mouse, popular in utah, is often a carrier... and the virus kills about 30 percent of people who contract it.

Steve mickelson/director of nurses/utah county health department: "this dad, he doesn't want this to happen to any other family, so he is hoping by sending out this message, if you're cleaning up rodent droppings, take care of it the right way."

The health department says you can hire a porfessional to come in and clean it up or mask up and use a disinfectant consisting of at least 10 percent of bleach.

Steve mickelson/director of nurses/utah county health department: "just make sure it doesn't produce any dust while you're cleaning it up.

And i would spray it down and leave it for 20 minutes and let that chlorine do it's job" "the hanta virus can remain dormant for several weeks, up to 61 days, that's why the health department is continuing to monitor the woman's children and husband.

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