Truck Fire Investigation

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Published on September 14, 2019 -

Truck Fire Investigation

The Oroville Police Department is searching for a man accused of setting a truck on fire on Lincoln and Stafford Streets on Thursday.

Truck Fire Investigation

Oroville police are looking for a man they say burnt a truck to the ground.

Action news now reporter kristian lopez spoke with the victims about what they call continuing crime in an oroville neighborhood.

Kristian: many people here at dax-it recovery services behind me say they're fed up with all of the crime that has been going on in this area lately and they want something done about it.

Alyssa nolan/employee: it's just ridiculous bert taylor: executive director: in the last week we've had a vehicle stolen from the parking lot across the street as well as one that someone lit on fire and burnt to the ground..

Jeff martinez: my truck got stolen and i didnt know what else to do so i posted it on facebook and the community came together and found my truck the next day.

Jeff martinez was able to capture the moment his truck was stolen--- on camera.... since then, police have arrested the suspect.

But thursday --- police were also called to a truck on fire in the same area.

It wasn't his -- but it hit close to home.

Jeff martinez: my boss's truck got burnt last night.... witness: it happened really late at night and the fire department put it out really fast but the truck was destroyed it was burnt down totally destroyed.

Oroville police chief, joe deal says it happened at around 1:30 a- m.

Witnesses reported seeing a man inside a 2014 chevrolet truck, just before the fire.

Police counldn't find him.

They said he is a slender, white man up to 6 feet tall.

Kristian tag: oroville police told action news now that they're still following up on a few leads and are reviewing surveillance video from the area.

In oroville kristian lopez action news now.


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