VIDEO Police say violent home invasion in Bangor was targeted

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VIDEO Police say violent home invasion in Bangor was targeted

VIDEO Police say violent home invasion in Bangor was targeted

60 tonight.

>>good evening, i'm rob vaughn, wendy davis first at 5 police in northampton county are investigating a violent home invasion.

That sent 2 men to the hospital.

>>about 10 o'clock last night lot of educated people on main street in bangor when it happened at wfmz bo called now is live now in bangor with the latest poll.

>>any late this afternoon, bangor.

Police focused on this stretch of martin's creek, they pulled evidence from the water look to be some kind of code now we're about a block away from the scene.

Those 2 victims. they're in stable condition at the hospital police haven't been able to identify any suspects but say one of those suspects was hit with a taser last night but did manage to run off.

>>they came in as a possible programs, but when bangor police arrived on scene acting chief kevin jones said they saw a man coming out of the second-floor window here in the 200 block of south main street.

A neighbor masood could hear the chaos the woody allen.

Ends up and stuff like this.

Jones says 2 men in their early 20's were attacked in a taser was used on one of the suspects.

Masood and his wife said they saw it and then saw that man dressed in black get up and run through their yard breaking their fence along the way back here there's a picnic table.

>>and he too he stood on a chair and went on to the back of our those are tears though >>this afternoon officer bag evidence what looked to be a coat from martin's creek, a motive is unknown or to relationships.

But jones says there are between 2, 4 suspects and it was targeted at this time we do not feel the public is danger.

>>then again police have not been able to identify those suspects they say there's been conflicting stories about how many men were inside the home last night and police do hope to interview the 2

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