9/11 Survivor 9/13/19

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Published on September 13, 2019 -
One group of students get a first hand account of that fate full day.

9/11 Survivor 9/13/19

As 9-11 ceremonies come to a close...one group of students...gets a first hand account of that fateful day, from a survivor who was pulled from the rubble of the world trade towers.

3rd graders at south side elementary school, in west point, filled the cafeteria...to hear from will jimeno.

Jimeno was a police officer for the port authority, the day terrorists flew planes through the world trade center.

Through a skype interview, jimeno walked the students through what it was like that day....and how he and his fellow officers were scared..but knew they had to do their jobs to save lives.

Will jimeno--"at that moment i felt helpless..i just felt helpless and i saw the people jumping and i just felt that everytime someone jumped that was someone's mother, brother, sister ...why am i telling you this?

Because you touch a lot of lives believe it or not...if you disappeared today someone would miss you" jimeno says he was trapped with several other officers under debris and rubble.

He and a few other brave men, were from the rubble after both towers collapsed.

Jimeno encouraged students to face their fears, be courageous, and help others, even in the face of danger.

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