The Playbook movie

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Published on August 22, 2019 - Duration: 01:00s

The Playbook movie

The Playbook movie trailer “The Playbook” is about Yuyan (Played by Sheila Sim) stricken with cancer, coming to terms with her last 30 days in this world.

A successful entrepreneur and a mogul in the fashion industry, she has seen the world and lived a life that good money offers.

However, her only regret, the only item on her bucket list is simply just this, she has never been in love.

Her two besties (Played by Lina Ng and Roy Li) sets forth to accomplish just that.

“The Playbook” created by her two besties is a script that contain various scenes from familiar romance movies, where Sheila will take on the role of the female lead, therefore “experiencing “ the tender moments and pathos of being in a romantic relationship.

In a twist of events, their search for the male lead found themselves in a Thai Gogo bar, where the bartender on duty, Zhang Yu Heng (Played by Ayden Sng) caught Sheila’s fancy and their leading man was found.

After being on different dates and staying together over a period of 3 weeks, the pair developed feelings for each other and just before the countdown to a new year, Yuheng was involved in a hit and run and passed on.

Now approaching the end of her time, Sheila bid Yuheng farewell, noting that because of him, her only regret is no more.

However, due to him and the love she has found, she will leave this world with one regret and that’s him.

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