Blair parents use GPS technology to help monitor special needs children

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Published on August 22, 2019 -
Losing a child can be a traumatic experience for the child and their parent.

Blair parents use GPS technology to help monitor special needs children

Losing a child can be a traumatic experience for the child and their parent.

News 8's alec giannakopoulos has how a family in the city of blair is using satellite- g-p-s technology to keep track of their two children with genetic defects.

Grant and tessie hurd have two children with prader- willi syndrome, a rare genetic condition that can delay mental development and speech issues along with many other defects.

They view themselves like any other parent and...embraced the challenges raising two children with birth defects.

But one day at a church playground altered the way they would look after their children forever.

Nats of puzzle pieces being shuffled together.

If there's one thing mason and ethan hurd love more than animals, it's a good puzzle.

"it's weird, i have two kids with prader-willi syndrome and both are weirdly obsessed with puzzles."

Ethan and mason have prader-willi syndrome... a genetic birth defect that in part makes allows a child to excessively wander, and left one piece of the hurd family missing.

"they were gone" on an average sunday, mason and ethan were playing at their church's park...when they wandered into the nearby woods.

The family quickly found mason, but ethan was nowhere to be found.

"it was panic.

All this stuff floods your mind.

As time progressed my worry got stronger and stronger."

Ethan went into the woods in search of a grizzly bear... and fell into a creek.

"were you scared?

Yeah... the bear couldn't find me in the water...bears can swim' "bears can swim laughs" "we ended up finding ethan on a backroad, probably a mile from the church.

And he was soaked from head to toe.

Once all pieces of the family were back together... tessie realized she needed help watching over her boys ... and ordered an angelsense tracking device.

"this is the device that he has on him, he's very particular how it goes on so i love the belt because it gives him the opportunity to judge how tight how loose."

Tessie gets text alerts whenever mason or ethan get too far out of the zone she sets for them.

While having two children with prader willi requires more tools and safety features throughout the house, tessie and her husband grant wouldn't have it any other way.

"the love that our kids can give is unlike any other.

The innocence they can give you and the love they can give you is just unlike what you could possibly imagine."

The tracking tool was expensive to tessie... "i wasn't sure how we are going to afford this."

But it's a small price to pay, to bring all pieces of the family puzzle together.

"you did it.


After having mason, and embracing the challenges that prader-willi brought... tessie and grant then adopted ethan, their second child with the disorder.

What else do they do to keep their home safe for mason and ethan?

They have locks on all pantries, shelves, and the refrigerator, and they keep an alarm on the door to hear if anyone is heading outside unannounced

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