Table Talk with Lyssa High and Adam Banks

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Published on August 19, 2019 -
Adam and Lyssa talk about relationships and mental health in today's Table Talk.

Table Talk with Lyssa High and Adam Banks

For c1 3 joining us on midday at 12:30.... i'm lyssa high.......... and i'm..............adam banks.... have you felt the sting of rejection?

C1 3 that i did a lot of promotion for my radio show this weekend went to an event called best of bruce high and i was free beer live musique and it was free promotion for the show so is great the will and you my my we can in comparison with the family reunion has to be really fun or it was pretty awkward about how well that is always a little off word but it wasn't bad at all i really know in the family and i have been so busy the number haven't had a chance to ohio to my family but you know i'm compare your weekend and late you know my was nothing like that we know you said that we you we are just now getting to know each other well i we have become a lot closer becaus of the week and you would he became facebook official that's right you we friends on faceboo site.

I did get to see the she went to a family reunion to see what i do you and request i think i was actually know it was me this you you is on the stock right out of ask you to podcast on top of podcast or doing chores, so it's called off-the- cuff.

It is now on the radio, so went big-time there.i it's on w ilitch you 90 radio, so went bi- time there.i it's on w ilitch you 90.9 it's on thursdays from 4 to 5 the best way to describe off-the-cuff is just real role talk radio okay it discusses everything from current vents t pop culture to sports, so we hit a little bit of everything go from having a podcast is you started the on your own and all of a sudden you have been time with the radio that that transition happened i'm by the well so i am someone who has always lived by the is you hang around the barbershop long enough you will get a haircut so and people really like, why haven't you and i know i i actually just kept being persistent with it.

I just a no matter what.

I was constantly just put out an episode every single week no matter how much i you know it was difficult for m but i yeah just after through a lot of the you promotion it down and up on the radio you but the nose you can going persevere right through all the knows tha you would you i deftly try to yeah objection is something tha i'm used to okay well good because we have on her neck we talked about have you ever will the thing a rejection and subsequent have you i will but haven't really needed thing because exactly what it feels like you muster up all the courage to reach out only to the brushoff that the not to make want to absolutely put your help to never put yourself out there ever, ever, ever again.

However, you must you will never find that special someone.

Now the ball dealer with rejection i am used to it.

I i don't know if it's just me.

I'm a really good friends.

I get put in the frien zone a lot yeah but what ghost relationship.

I you know i just i have to under people have to understand that not every body is for everybody right and everybody has a tight i was kinda wonder what does that mea what is height me you know you can meet somebody that you're attracted to their wonderful person there great they check off everything on your list but your's they still don't have that thing with the chemistry.

It is in the tree you know that to me is the work i mean you're right you have all the checklist everything but when it comes down to chemist refill their rights either there or it's not sometimes you just hav to accept that you are not the best person for everybody and their this rewrite will here are some psychologist printf not least high up reported her psychologist approved on for people that when you're trying to get through and past rejection of the first one.

Allow yourself time to for feelings.

I totally agree with that you need any downtime.

You don't need to move on to your very next you know person that in our individual that you're wanting to possibly be in relationship with you need to really take some down time and think about and i would how you feel and and and kind process that you absolutely you time heals all wounds.

It really doe and i think just giving yoursel enough time to accept this as actually happened.

You can somehow don't they try to do a lot of things to forget about it yourself some time to think about what actually happened right right i mean you know it is much is you want to do listings we don't want to dwell on it right oh got them all in this is the next hillier breeze ego by with thing what makes a great and you achieve the i when i read not it's easier to sit down actually make a is the way you know what it is that you're feeling boo-hoo about and you know and and you know what what you feel good about yourself yo know what the more i think about that we do you know we naturall want to kind of go over our minds over and over and obsesse with certain things on an and generally when you're a perfectionist or anything like that.

You really cannot mess with the bad things you know that about yourself and not be forgiving of yourself are not bx nothing of your body i completely agree get overnight somewhere human beings are not robust were not perfect others not been a perfect human being on this earth, so like there we have to understand that we have things that not everybody's going enjoy about is like that is so just we should focus on the things that we can bring to the table right right and whether that is just love for whether less just emotional support we have things that we have the great about is that i you is get that out a lady the of and okay will start third one while he's making either the camera in your own what you reject that but don't beat yourself up and we just mentioned this earlier to it to tied together.

It's just allowing yourself to you know be who you are and accepting that think bottom line is you are yo are and you can make some changes but for the most part you know it's not your to be who you are.

You need to find the going to be and embrace that because you have lived with this person every day you're in a relationship with right not to be with him every day so you 31 eventually find you out yeah yo are put it all out on the table that's right that's right and the board once around your self with people who make you feel valued.

I like that i good people good friend.

You know the that's so important for you notice get you out of any type of bunk when you're you been rejected got absolutely you it's in in that's with anything when we get rejected relationships right a job or do something tha we really want to do, but we could do because we got rejected christ important to surround yourself with that up your character but you on a pedestal makeright grade rejection just makes us grow right that's right.

While was interesting you excited now that were to go from one topic that kind of downer one i'm it down as number eight it you know do you ever feel when summer is winding down you just you know he start the blues yes and i'm filament right now because i don't know if you know this, but outside the studio.

I'm a college professor right right so i had that doing just like the kids do right now i have the back-to- school you go back will is sending out my kids were growing down on the first they did not want to wake up.

It was crazy will be back indoor than having a cat had found to have the changes all of those things gather are can be a factor of the coming to the august blues or seasonal active this order.

I know that there was a title for the fad experts believe that fa is back left the one person that of the population, making it much rarer than winter depression here is things that you can do though from the fad so here's the first one.

Take care of your body okay we got exercise got it eat the drug doing is a right because none o us any of us really it right but a little bit better care of our bodies the working on number two engaged in activity you like a we have that's very important it is to you don't understand when people say they don't have hobbies what you do in your day if you don't have a hobby right right what you i have a hobby yellow play volleyball and i love it because it doesn't get in the group your your you know out there playing in your exercising your also have a socializing and getting out of your little shalit they just you know what this advice is saying is don't get don't allow your to prescient isolate you from other people.

That's really orton number three don't allow yourself to be overwhelmed by media why i'm guilty of this.

I do get overwhelmed social me yeah i found guilty of it as well i hard but you're not allowed to do that you're getting dumber and the summer blues you need to doing that can get overwhelmed with the consultant noted it's easy to do that you sometimes social media can you try to compare your lives to other people in social meeting.

You see right out here at all this fun here.

I'm going back to school were fairly well coming up as how you how are you about the will with out kids like that disney world well apparently child the millennial love to go to disney parents ar too happy

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