Deputies narrowly avoid serious injuries; one in crash, another pushed into traffic

Credit: WPTV News | West Palm Beach
Published on August 13, 2019 - Duration: 01:58s

Deputies narrowly avoid serious injuries; one in crash, another pushed into traffic

Two Indian River County deputies were involved in dangerous incidents within hours of one another over the weekend.

Dash cam video in both situations shows how close the pair were to serious injuries.

Deputies narrowly avoid serious injuries; one in crash, another pushed into traffic

TONIGHT - WE'REGETTING A FIRST HANDLOOK AT TWO DEPUTIESINVOLVED IN DANGEROUSINCIDENTS WITHINHOURS OF ONE OTHER.NEW AT 6 - TREASURECOAST REPORTER JONSHAINMAN HAS THEDASHCAM VIDEO SHOWINGJUST HOW CLOSE THEPAIR WERE TO GETSERIOUSLY INJURED.<<(:6 cover“At thetime of night, lightsin IRC/VB lightstransition fromregular functioningintersections”)1:40 Sunday morning.The intersection of10th Avenue and 21stStreet in Vero Beach.(nat crashA crash between aflatbed truck and anIndian River CountySherifftransporting aprisoner in hispatrol car.(nat)(:8“Very dangerous,they put their liveson the line thisweekend.

Wethe only injury wehad this weekend wasa minor injury”)Both the deputy andthe other passengerwere released fromthe hospital.(:3“Absolutelycrushed the front ofone of our patrolvehicles”)21 year-old GarettTeague of Vero Beachturned himself inlate Monday.The arrest affidavitshows Teague wasdriving a companytruck that was nothis, that he laterhid in a warehouse.Teague was chargedwith leaving thescene of a crashinvolving injury.Investigators saygetting this out onsocial media helped.(:6“Played a bigpart in this guyturning himself in.Iknowing video was outthere, knowing wewere tracking himdown”)(nat& put your handsright here)Just a few hoursprior, a deputy wasconducting a trafficstop in Gifford justsouth of 45th Street.The dash cam showsRonShaun Jones ofOrlando run towardthe deputy and pushhim into oncomingtraffic, knocking hisradio off his person.(:4“This issomething that wentway further than itever should have”)In the ensuingstruggle, Jonesheadhits a bumper of avehicle that wasdriving by.Eventually, thedeputy uses his Taserto subdue Jones.

Inthis case, thesheriffto stop fastspreading rumors onsocial media thatthere had been anofficer involvedshooting.(:8“We have familymembers and relativesconcerned about theirloved ones who areworking every singleday and we had to getthe word out thatthat wasncorrect”)(STAND CLOSE: 7“Themen in both of theseincidents have sinceposted bond.


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