Mission BBQ 7-23-2019

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Published on July 23, 2019 -
Mission BBQ 7-23-2019

Mission BBQ 7-23-2019

I do now they you think my year but we are excited all the time something special.

Initial barbecue is doing for veterans in our area and we are talking with leah brian from mission barbecue.

I say welcome back to you what the future first time here correct your first time here.

It's been a long time.

Well, thanks to both of you and mission barbecue team for what you guys do every day.

Pretty amazing.

I have something comin up.

It is for a special that you're doing for veterans absolutely are not on this coming saturday on the 27th.

We are going to honor and get back to her korean war veterans that day at the restaurant will be doing as i and given them three sandwich all day long that the awesome what you guys do at a restaurant and then they are around lunchtime and tell that home what happened in every day and every day.

Best time of the day everything stops or cooks quick cooking everybody comes forward to cash registers.

Quit ringing and we all join in the singing of the national anthem.

Each of the restaurants across country will emerge, repeating an understanding of the jury is actually seeing are you will will get up and belted out pretty problem americans know about.

I'm on its will send shivers up so got about exporting you guys do to our veterans for night food bill.

This looks like this looks like a k because it had a note this is on this is smoked turkey that we do every day all day long, were smoking a turkey and then what we did in his new right now this part of special as her mom is macaroni salad looks yummy t me yes what kind of backplane noodles.

We got some pep or something on your liking.

I now have to come in and try out here because this is a little more o the traditional were particularist.

Tell me a little bit about this.

This is a brisket sandwich here and this is also arrested for about 14 are responsible for about 14 hours and every day and then we have are 20 smoke beings that g along make a great complement without that his brisket is perfect.

Perfect for the bar is the outer crust of the brisket.

You guys got this marked the sides was larger little science, but it's all good one.

If you want something that's like the big set which this is one of my eye from south carolina but i love this is north carolina por sandwich.

It's just piled behind the gutter frisk also on the whatever megan is macaroni and cheese and then would run a special treat.

The banana is shifts favorites.

Let's just favorite dessert banana pudding say one more time and and and favorite favorite dessert.

I have had there been a political and tell you his way on up there on the list.

The best banana pudding's ever made things important at the restaurant friday.

These are very very very near and dear to our hearts.

This is one helps us combat for american heroes either be our first responders here locally on a police fire in our first responders and then w also have our cup there goes right into the us.

Also two dollars of every one of those cups was right to dollars out o every side to see you guys just don't talk the talk you walk along day in and day out.

You were a blessed and honored to be a will do what we do each and every day and being able to give back to those who humbly give to us each and every day.

So again do encapsulate is coming up thi saturday the 27th 27th is going to be all day long for all her korean war ever heroes that will be given away a free sandwich t those guys.

Thank you so much for what you are doing for our community.

I want to think.

I think tonight see you as well d the taste is one thing to try a moment to send them break a picture of his risk of measures

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