Rex win streak secrets

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Published on July 14, 2019 -
Terre Haute has won ten consecutive games.

Rex win streak secrets

Made the terre the terre haute rex made franchise..

And league history this weekend with friday night's doubleheader sweep against danville..

That's ten wins in a row for the rex..

The longest streak ever in the prospect league..

So what's the secret sauce behind this win streak??


I asked the rex that very question..

< "we try to say we're not superstitious, just a little-stitious."

In a game that's already known for very precise routines and superstitions..

A winning streak like this has the rex doing everything the exact same..

"it's what we're not doing.

We haven't taken batting practice before the game one time since our win streak has started.

And it's been working."

The secret to success???

I guess it's practicing less..

Maybe it's counter-intuitive..

But you can't argue with the results..

But wait..

There's more..

"the guys are saying the rex are hot, but so are the camo jerseys.

So we're going to keep wearing these camos until we don't win again."

The camouflage..

Those threads row..

Eleven in a game number trying to win they're the score..

9th inning..

6-5 leads in the currently terre haute battled back..

Early but have rex trailed progress..

The still in this game league..

The prospect team names in interesting so many cornbelters..

The normal road against goes on the terre haute a row tonight..

Eleven wins in try to make it well the rex for success..> well the rex try to make it well the rex for success..> well the rex well the rex well the rex for success..> well the rex try to make it eleven wins in a row tonight..

Terre haute goes on the road against the normal cornbelters..

So many interesting team names in the prospect league..

This game still in progress..

The rex trailed early but have battled back..

Terre haute currently leads in the 9th inning..

6-5 the score..


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