Therapy Horse Patrick at Bryerfest

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
Published on July 14, 2019 -
Patrick is a 25-year-old American Miniature Horse Gelding. 

Therapy Horse Patrick at Bryerfest

### the instagram famous patrick the mini horse was spotted in lexington... this year's bryerfest is themed salute to horse of those heros is named patrick.

Abc36's alex king has more on how patrick helps others.

"i'm here at bryerfest with patrick learning all about his therapy skills."

Patick is a 25-year- old american miniture horse gelding.

He is registered as a therapy horse and spends his days visiting the elderly and disabled.

"there's people who've come from half way across the country or the world even and they absolutely love patrick and he just reaches so far and touches them in so many different ways so being able to share him is just so heartwarming."

Patricks owner sarah schaff says they are at bryerfest to demonstrate the versatility... and kind spirit of the miniature horse breed.

"they're just wonderful, sweet, kind and talented horses and i just love being able to share them and he's my best friend in the whole world and everybody should have a miniture horse."

Patrick is not only talented when it comes to comforting ... he can also

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