Alex Kor reflects on the life of his mother, Eva Kor

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Published on July 14, 2019 -
Alex Kor reflects on the life of his mother, Eva Kor

Alex Kor reflects on the life of his mother, Eva Kor

Her" the world is mourning the loss of an icon... the wabash valley the loss of a friend... and a son the loss of of a strong and supportive mother.

All are saying goodbye to holocaust survivor eva kor.

Good evening and thank you for joining us for news 10 nightwatch.

Many gathered today to pay their respect to holocaust survivor and peace advocate -- eva kor.

Kor's son -- alex -- says everyone should remember his mother's life as a celebration.

News 10's richard solomon sat down with alex kor ahead of his mother's visitation and has continuing coverage of the conversation.

" alex kor told me moving forward will be hard.

He told me "this" is something you can never prepare for..

But with the help and support of the community...they'll continue sharing his mother's story.

It's been a rough week for alex kor and others who knew at loved holocaust survivor eva kor.

"i have a lot of mixed feelings on this entire my life.."

The family is preparing to say their final goodbyes.

Kor died a week ago on her annual trip to poland..

Alex..filled with trying to see this time as a celebration.

"we're all amazed at what she was doing and you know from a public global perspective on how many lives she was reaching" some of the many lives eva touched..

Remembered her... at the visitation and a candle lighting ceremony on saturday.

Some couldn't hold back the tears..

"i am mostly feeling a..a loss.

She had good days she had bad days she was a person she had her own flaws but despite that she still embodied the best of humanity" some though... were able to smile through the pain.

"i think through her message and continuing her mission that we don't have anything to be sad about she wouldn't want us to be sad but just to continue in her footsteps."

Alex says his mother's story and message has left a lasting impact.

"my mom would say forgiveness is a seed for peace and i think then love is possibly the end result of all of that" while talking to alex... he told me his mother had left him with a few words just days before she died.

She told him there's "unfinished business."

Alex says everyone has a part to play to keep eva's story alive.

" i do think the idea of bring people together allowed people to meet on kind of uncharted waters and that love was the common demonator" kor's funeral is sunday.

It is a private service for friends and family.

Back to you.

You have two opportunites to pay your respect to this champion of forgiveness.

Two memorial services are planned for eva kor.

The public can attend the first on august 4th at indiana state university in terre haute... back to you.

And family.

Back to you.

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