Paw Politics

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Published on July 13, 2019 -

Paw Politics

Monroe County political candidates and a few state wide candidates rallied together for more than just their campaigns this morning in Amory.

Paw Politics

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The name of the driver has not been released.

Monroe county political candidates and a few state wide candidates rallied together for more than just their campaigns this morning in amory.

That's right rylie, the event is called paws for politics, and in addition to having time on stage, the candidates helped to raise money for the amory humane society.

When butch palmer thought of the idea for paws for politics, he wanted an event aimed at educating people on local politics, as well as informing them on a dire need in the community... the local humane society.

"we knew it was a big politica season, and we've got a lot of state races and local races going on, so the idea was for them to pay to get on stage and we've got some silent auction items out there."

Attendee philip lindsey owns "healing horses" ranch amory and says he has a soft spot for any animal in need.

"my heart goes out to an animals left and neglected in an abused situation where they're hungry.

In this heat where it's just unbelievable what a lot of animals are going through right now."

He says when he first heard about the event, he knew he had to be there.

"this is something that i thin would bring awareness to people and help people understand more about what they need to do to take care of their animals in a proper way."

And in addition to seeing political candidates face-to- face, he says it's nice to know they too share his love of animals.

"it's an encouragement to m to see that these candidates will not only come out and support the amory humane society but also take this opportunity to educate people about the decisions they need to make about truth and justice."

Event coordinators say stray animals are a big issue in amory, and they hope the event will bring more awareness to that.

"there still is a populatio control problem with animals in monroe county, but as mitzi can tell you, the rescues that are done locally are well taken care of and they're loved.

They find forever homes for them."

Although many attendees had never heard of an event quite like this before, they say they're open to having more like it.

"not only does the amor humane society care about animals, they care about people.

They care about how people can learn and how people can grow and how we can do all of this together."

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