SteelStacks climber

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Published on July 13, 2019 -
SteelStacks climber

SteelStacks climber

>>this is 69 news.

Weekend edition.

>>we begin with breaking news in bethlehem, a man who climbed to the top of the old blast furnace at steelstacks yesterday and refused to come down throughout the night and now into the day has finally been arrested police were able to talk the man down and then he surrendered to them.

Wfmz josh rultenberg has there been there since the early morning and he's joining us live with an update.


>>alexandra the situation that lasted almost 24 hours has come to a successful and peaceful ending bethlehem police chief mark to lose your says he's thankful for the positive result because for the majority of this thing it didn't look good.

>>at 04:25pm today, this man who police are not identifying climb down from atop an old bethlehem steel blast.

Furnace at steelstacks after climbing up friday night, he then laid down and surrendered.

>>it was a successful conclusion to a very you might say situation.

>>rob tonight friday in the day on saturday, the man could be seen and heard shouting different things from 280 feet off the ground bethlehem police chief mark to lose your says the call came in just before 7 friday night they along with multiple agencies remained on scene for its entirety drones flew around and special ops were called in to assist a crisis negotiation officers from bethlehem and allentown we're talking with the man on the platform below the pier that maybe he climbed up there to take his own life.

>>it appears that way when a positive from what i understand from being here in 18 hours.

And what i saw i would think so do lose your says the man is being taken to saint luke's hospital for further evaluation.

We're happy nobody was happy.

He was not injured.

>>and hopefully that the treatment he the needs at this point about 1500 people who came to our its quest to see a free concert friday had to be evacuated.

>>however there were several onlookers today, i'm concerned for the man that's up there.

>>even more concerned for his family's just to suffer when they take a look at their security and see if they can do anything to improve upon it.

>>then she to lose your says that's exactly what's going to happen once everything wraps up here at the scene but he says at the end of the day locks are meant to keep honest people honest if somebody wants to get in here they might find a way to do that now as for the man who climbed atop the furness you just heard has been taken to the hospital but at this point it is an open criminal investigation and he has not been charged with anything so far on another note, hearts quest was supposed to hold saying korea fest today, i'm

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