Summer Volleyball Camp is coming soon

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Published on July 13, 2019 -

Summer Volleyball Camp is coming soon

Girls from all over Butte County will learn to perfect their volleyball skills with visiting world-class coaches.

Summer Volleyball Camp is coming soon

The very first "end of summer volleyball camp" at chico high school is just weeks away and helping with that camp... two special guests.

Action news now sports director vanessa romo joins us now in studio with more& vanessa?

That's right --- girls from all over the county will not only have the opportunity to learn more about the game of volleyball---- but learn from two of the best volleyball players here in california& & bump- setãspike and more is what these girls will learn to perfect at the "end of the summer" volleyball camp at chico high school "the purpose of this camp is to bring young girls in and to better their skills.

Inspire them to play volleyball and to get the high school aged girls ready for tryouts because they will be coming shortly after the camp."

Joining chico freshman coach scott torres is head varsity coach lain hensley--- u-c irvine head coach david kniffin&.

As well as u.s.a national assistant coach, nicole lawlor& "their insight is going to be super important to us to be able to learn more& they've been at the collegiate level, national& and so because we only know high school, middle school& it's going to be cool to just learn some new things, strategies and drills and stuff like that&" and just like sherdan& kniffin learned the game in chico& he then coached the 20-15 usa world team in sourh korea as well as leading the u-c irvine men's team to a nc-double a national championship in his first season& now--- he hopes to come back --- and not only teach the girls how to play better& but also inspire them& "hopefully i can impart some volleyball knowledge but i think really the one thing i always enjoyed about volleyball is the never ending pursuit of getting a little bit better and team oriented& and so hopefully i can impart a little bit of my passion for the pursuit on them& because it really is a never ending journey through volleyball."

The camp will start at the end of july & and it is open to all local volleyball players 6th through 12th grade& you can find more information on our website& action news now dot com& the organizers of the event say the money from this camp goes back to local volleyball& everyone loves a bit of nostalgia... and now, 90's kids can get a chance at it.

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