The age of personal planes has arrived

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Published on July 12, 2019 - Duration: 02:07s

The age of personal planes has arrived

LIFT Aircraft will be soon rolling out its 'Hexa' drone craft for 15-minute rides in 25 cities.

It joins a growing field.

Dan Fastenberg reports.

The age of personal planes has arrived

The future of a sky filled with personal airplanes might not be far off.

The Austin, Texas-based LIFT Aircraft, no relationship to the ride-sharing app, is looking to lead the pack.

No license will be required for the flights, just a short training.

PRODUCT AGENCY FOR DRONE TECHNOLOGY GUINN PARTNERS FOUNDER, COLIN GUINN, SAYING: "Depending on the time scale that you're looking at, no - 10 to 20 years - we'll all be using these things.

It'll be in our lifetimes.

And, you know, especially when you look at that time horizon you're going to see a lot of these things flying around.

They're going to be fully autonomous.

They're going to have full awareness of where each other are." The first generation of electric "vertical takeoff and landing" (eVTOL) aircrafts will also feature aerospace giants like Airbus.

LIFT's 'Hexa' contains 18 electric propellors, which LIFT says help ensure safety.

Engineers will be able to take the Hexa over should the need arise.

LIFT AIRCRAFT FOUNDER, MATT CHASEN, SAYING: "You know we truly are on the cusp of a revolution in aviation and it's being brought about by the electrification of aircraft, much like electric cars are gonna be the future of driving, electric aircraft are going to be the future of flying." LIFT says the FAA has verified its interpretation of the ultralight category.

LIFT AIRCRAFT FOUNDER, MATT CHASEN, SAYING: "So with LIFT aircraft, we really envision a future where anyone can fly.

And so right now the FAA isn't certifying electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft quite yet.

But they are available for recreation and sport use under the FAA's ultra light classification.

So we want to get started.

We want people to fly.

We're building a safe, reliable aircraft that meets this ultra light classification.

And we're gonna get started letting people fly for recreation and sport." LIFT is planning on starting to roll out the Hexa later this year in 25 cities.

Fifteen minute ride will be available for $249.

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