It's Time to Stop Comparing Tim Cook to Steve Jobs

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Published on July 9, 2019 - Duration: 01:06s

It's Time to Stop Comparing Tim Cook to Steve Jobs

An Apple a day apparently doesn't keep the analyst away.

Wall Street has become increasingly divided on a stock that was once a staple of many portfolios.

Following a downgrade to "Sell" from Rosenblatt on July 8, JPMorgan actually raised its price target on Apple stock.

So where is the debate coming from?

It has everything to do with iPhone sales with analysts citing confidence or a lack thereof.

But, taking a step back from the debate, here's what Cramer is focusing on when it comes to Apple.

Here's why he thinks it's important to keep a close eye on whether or not Tim Cook is the next Steve Jobs.

"The storyline that when you hear about Apple is inevitably: is Tim Cook Steve Jobs.

I mean, I can't think of a more worthless storyline.

He's not, you see, he's Tim Cook.

And is he a technocrat?

No, he executes.

See, only at Apple would an executive who executes so well be regarded as a technocrat.

If he were an executive at the other Fortune 499, we would call him a superior executive who knows how to execute.

But here he's a technocrat," said Cramer.


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