Pigs vs. Pawtucket Sunday Doubleheader Highlights

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Published on July 7, 2019 -
Pigs vs. Pawtucket Sunday Doubleheader Highlights

Pigs vs. Pawtucket Sunday Doubleheader Highlights

Group of women.

>>fun watching them.

>>over these past couple weeks, a weather hold the ironpigs game last night as they were down 3 nothing in the 3rd inning to so a double header today they're going to finish all 9 innings in game one top 4 red sox added that lead they had one son tay no single in and sam travis ana wind drive to center pawtucket up 4 nothing we i valley's only to the first run of the game came from rob, brantly brantley delivering for the pig syria on hernandez.

Going safely and a 3rd lehigh valley threatening in the 7th they added another run in the inning was 42 but pawtucket ends up winning game, one by a final of phys to 3.

Let's check out game 2 between the 2 clubs are only going 7 innings and this one ironpigs walking those john jerseys that up lit up social media red sox up 3 nothing in the forth valley can steal squeezing a base hit through the whole pigs on the board down 3, 1, part it now up 5 one scoring back to back runs on walks, bottom 7 last chance for lehigh valley, phil gosselin going yard, it's 5 to 3 later austin listi with a clutch double up for the pigs lehigh valley within one that's as close as they would get

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