Thousands celebrate the Freedom Festival in Redding

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Published on July 5, 2019 -
Redding held its annual Freedom Festival firework show

Thousands celebrate the Freedom Festival in Redding

Firework show is also kicking off at the civic auditorium.

Action news now reporter elizabeth zelidon is live at the the firework show... elizabeth how's it looking out there?

Spencer wish you were here with me in redding because youre missing out on a great show.

Just take a look at these fireworks.

This is an annual tradition for the north state and many families here.

One family i spoke with said since the holiday landed so close to the weekend... they decided to take the extra days and have a family reunion... meeting right here at the firework show.

Its our annnual fireworks trip to the civic auditorium to celebrate my brothers 64th birthday today.

Fireworks every year it was great for me growing up.

My kids have had a blast and now my grandkids do.

This isn't the only tradition that ive learned of talking to viewers here at the firework show.

So coming up at 11 we'll tell you the patriotic tradition one man started here at the firework show... that you've taken part of with out even knowing it.

Reporting live in redding... elizabeth zelidon ... action news now.

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