Capital murder suspect’s preliminary hearing

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Published on June 20, 2019 -

Capital murder suspect’s preliminary hearing

The suspect in the murder of Biloxi Police Officer Robert McKeithen had his preliminary hearing today in Biloxi.

Harrison County prosecutors presented their evidence against Darian Atkinson with the hope of obtaining a trial.

Capital murder suspect’s preliminary hearing

- - - mckeithen had his preliminary - hearing today in biloxi.- harrison county prosecutors - presented their evidence agains- darian atkinson with the hope o- obtaining a trial.- andrew scherer was at the - hearing, and has our report.- - andrew scherer:"as you may- remember, - there was a smile on the face o- darian atkinson as he was taken- into police - custody for the murder of bilox- police officer robert mckeithen- today, he kept that - same smile on his face as he- entered the harrison county - - - - courtroom for his preliminary - hearing."

- herman cox:"well i believe its- clear from the evidence that- this defendant went to the- biloxi police department to - ambush and kill a police- - - - officer.

Based on the evidence,- he clearly did that.

Based on - this type of case, this is why- we have the - death penalty in mississippi."- and the death penalty is what - the prosecution will pursue...- gulfport police detective samue- jewel was called upon to testif- at the hearing, revealing new - information on exactly what - happened before and after the - murder of officer - mckeithen.- jewel presented new information- - - - sorrounding the case, stating - that the suspect was just an- "arm's length away," before - firing nine rounds at the bilox- police officer... three - bullets hitting mckeithen's - bulletproof vest, another - grazing his head, and the rest- - - - hitting his body.

Harrison- county prosecutor herman cox- tells news 25 that the- lopez quave public safety - - - - building does have surveillance- and the footage from that - evening should- - - - be the key evidence in the case- cox:"i have viewed it, and i- will tell you it's very explici- and shocking.

It shows in - great detail how he ambushed an- executed officer mckeithen."- officer mckeithen's family- - - - watched on as atkinson appeared- unfazed and uniterested in the- testimony,- shaking his head and even - giggling at points of the - hearing, even burping as his- - - - attorney addressed jewel.

- despite atkinson's attitude, co- believes they - have plenty of enough evidence- - - - to warrant a conviction if the- case goes to trial.

- cox:"i think the evidence is- overwhelming, you've heard a- summary of it, and so it's, i - think no doubt that he committe- the crime."

Judge hewes - determined that their was enoug- evidence- to present the case to a- harrison county grand jury.

- atkinson is still being held- without bond.

- in biloxi, andrew scherer, news- 25.

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