WCBI News at Ten - Saturday, June 15th, 2019

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Published on June 16, 2019 -
WCBI News at Ten - Saturday, June 15th, 2019

WCBI News at Ten - Saturday, June 15th, 2019

Be forgotten.


One starkville family is urging people to stop bullying.

Good evening and thank you for joining us, i'm rylie livingston laoneda carpenter puts on mariah day for her community every year to honor her daughter who was a victim of bullying.

Carpenter says she wants to take mariah's tragedy and turn it into something positive.

At first glance, you would think that "mariah day" starkville was a happy occasion.

Possibly a birthday party or family reunion of some sort.

However, that's not the case... mariah day, though fun and entertaining, is a day of remembrance.

"this here.

This is what help me continue, try to continue to make her voice be heard."

Mariah died in april of 2017 and was a victim of bullying.

Now her mother, laoneda carpenter, spends her days sharing mariah's story.

"i have a non profi organization which is called mariah's voice.

Mariah's voice is what i do.

I travel.

I go from different churches, different events, different places, different states, and i speak about mariah and i tell mariah's story."

Carpenter says she plans this day every year with hopes of bringing more positivity to her community.

"we're trying to brin awareness to bullying.

We're trying to stop bullying.

Today we want a bullying free world.

It's all about a bullying free world.

Let everybody know that it's time to spread love and not hate.

We've got to come together as a community, as a family, as one and teach and raise our kids the right way."

"we would like to see th whole community just come together and bring more awareness to bullying and suicide."

Organizers say the event is for everyone to come and enjoy, especially children.

"just to talk with the kids an give the kids a nice fun day to just come and enjoy.

A lot of mariah's friends are here, so this gives them an opportunity to really commemorate the passing of her.

The kids really enjoy it and we just enjoy putting this day on for the community."

"we all can be together an have a good time and not be jealous of one another.

Raise our kids and let our kids know it's ok to play with one another no matter what color they are, no matter how big, if they're black, if they're white, no matter what."

Carpenter says she hopes those in attendance remember one thing when they leave.

"reach out to someone.

Don' allow this to happen to anybody else."

In starkville... "whole crowd: mariah's voice stop bullying!"

Cash matlock, wcbi news organizers say they hope to move mariah day to a bigger and better location next year.

Over 13-hundred mississippians are in need of lifesaving organ transports according to the mississippi organ recovery agency ááátake voááá the third annual tour de life bike ride in tupelo promoted the need for organ, eye and tissue donations.

The event was sponsored by north mississippi medical center and the mora.


Mora is one of the 58 federally designated organ procurement organizations in the country and is the official organ recovery agency in the state.

Chuck stinson is director of community services and relations for mora.

He says it is very important for people to understand the importance of organ donation.

"what we want to do is w want to educate people on the opportunity because there's always the possibility that your loved one would need an organ or you might need an organ transplant as well.

And so we want to relay that message to people.

What would you do if some in your family need or yourself need?

Where would expect that organ to come from."

Stinson says you can save up to eight lives by becoming organ, eye or tissue donator.

He says 114- thousand people need transplants across the country and a new person goes on the list every ten minutes.

Unfortunately stinson says 20 people die every day waiting for a transplant.

The johnie cooks foundation and phi beta sigma fraternity teamed up to host the boys 2 men life skills academy in starkville.

Males aged from 8 to 18 years-old were invited to participate.

There were 9 stations discussing money management, bullying, interacting with police, respecting women, and dressing in a professional setting.

Event coordinator johnnie cooks says this prepares the young men for everyday challenges they can use into the future.

" if we can reach one of the today, my philosophy is if we can touch one person's life that means someone else is going to be better and that's what we're working on."

" i've learned how to tie a tie i've learned about a lot of special men here and i've learned how to turn in application-a job application.

" cooks says he looks forward to another event in the future.

First look summary: father's day weekend is shaping up to be a return to summer after recent fall-like conditions.

Dry weather should if you were driving down main street in tupelo this evening you couldn't help but see it.

ááátake voááá a red white and blue hot air balloon was tethered at fair park.

It is one of ten balloons in town this weekend for a hot air balloon festival.

Unfortunately high winds have dampered this weekend's activities, preventing the balloons from being able fly real high.

Frank anger of tupelo organized the event.

He says you have to have an faa balloon pilot's license to fly a hot air balloon.

You have to go through a strict faa course and we're questioned on the rules and weather, airspace.

And then we take several flights of training and then we have certification flight by two faa instructors at two different times."

Anger hopes that all ten balloons can go up tomorrow morning at veterans park.

If you want to see them, you're going to have to get there around 6am.

They tried to go up saturday at that time but the weather wouldn't cooperate.

Voin monitor the mississippi school for mathematics and science hosted a student research conference today for students in stem.

Across the united states and internationally, students participated over a two-day course displaying exhibits of their research.

Our stephanie poole talks with some students about what they learned and bring us the story the mississippi school for mathematics and science welcomed students across the united states and internationally to their national consortium of secondary stem schools student research conference.

Ms director of academic affairs kelly brown says these conferences started so high school students could extend their research.

" they can get new ideas o how to conduct research in the future or tips about that."

Brown says the conference also helps participants learn presentation skills.

" that communication of ho to get what they're doing and what they're about across to other people.

Get it in a very concise matter, something that they could talk hours about."

" it's given me a place t practice presenting research and honestly i've gotten a-lot good feedback here that's going to benefit me in the future."

Austin white attends gatton academy of mathematics and science in kentucky.

He traveled hundreds of miles to presents his project .

White says the conference gives him and the other a chance to discover new ways of working together.

" i've been apart of great team building activities and just kind of breaking barriers and allowing us to just go up to one another and have brown says she looks forward to the students participating next year.

Dozens of people in pickensville gathered together at the historic rosenwald school to celebrate the grand opening of a new museum and the state of alabama's 200th birthday.

Those in attendance enjoyed food, live music, and a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The new museum highlights the 6 historic african american schools in pickens county built with help from booker t.

Washington and julius rosenwald.

Event organizers say it's important to preserve the building's history.

"life has come to this buildin again.

This building is ready to be alive and serve this community and to our generations that will come after us.

We want to continue the spirit of education in this building."

Organizers say the school building was built in 1925.

Vo in monitro if you think you might like a career in aviation, a memphis based company is looking for people for it's tupelo facility.

Wcbi's chad groening reports.

This 747 jumbo jet has come a from a great distance to sit on the tarmac at universal asset management which touts itself as the global leader in complete aircraft recycling solutions.

The engines have already been removed from the plane and taken to a nearby hanger where the public was able to see them up close and personal during a summer aviation day at the tupelo facility.

"we love to be part of th community here in tupelo.

We're proud to be here.

We employ a lot of people in this area and we're always looking for opportunities to let the people know in this region how important aviation is and how many jobs we can create in this facility."

Sabo says uam employs over 40 people here, with various jobs skills.

"we actually do emplo aircraft technicians.

They're called and p mechanics to disassemble the aircraft.

We also employ a lot of other people from the local industries.

We find getting people from the furniture industry and some of the other companies that are local are very good to us as far as crating of material that comes in, receiving inspections, shipping inspections, our warehouse employees.

You know it doesn't matter whether you've been here six years or six days, everybody's valued here at this company."

The 747 behind me was owned by quantas airlines and made it's last revenue flight just over a week ago from sidney australia to san francisco.

Then after being repositioned to los angeles it was ferried to tupelo municipal airport.

And sabo says every part on this plane will be dissassembled and in many cases sold and recerified for use on other aircraft.

"it's to be able to bring goo quality aircraft components that are are recertified and available to send out and sell other customers worldwide to have safe travel for the global citizen."

Visitors got a chance to view a video of uam technicians taking meticulous steps to remove the engines from a 747.

Sabo says this iconic aircraft is replaced by newer planes.

"from a fuel efficienc standpoint we could bring on a newer aircraft that's more fuel efficient that we might be able to get more miles out of.

So this 74 could be replaced by another boeing aircraft like a 787.

When that happens the airline would like to get of this aircraft obviously and free up that money to position somewhere else.

And we still take a look at this if there's a lot of opportunities to sell you can find out about opportunities at universal asset management by going on it's website u-a-m-i-n- c dot com and click on the careers page.

Fathers day is tomorrow and some people are still searing for their perfect gift for dad.

We'll have more finding that perfect father's day gift can be a challenge.

And with father's day only a day a way last minute shoppers were out and about.

Our tyler hull has the story.

Fathers day weekend is here and people of all ages are wanting to get that perfect gift, but some have waited until the last minute sales manager of academy sports michelle cantrell says that she is happy that shoppers chose her store for this weekend... "it makes me feel really grea that we can you know take care of customers and provide this location and be here fort hem and service them in their need here in the community" cantrell says that the increase in traffic this weekend is not a surprise to her.

"we see a lot of traffic.

Yo know we get a lot of people in here shopping for their dads.

It's destination dad as we like to call it" some people like levi warner have no problem finding a gift for dad.

"man he is my hero.

He i everything to me" while some people are rushing to get that perfect gift cooper anthony already has his dads gift ready.

" he's going to go nuts like m dogs do when i didn't see them in a month" anthony says his dad holds a special place in his heart.

"he means a lot to me and he' a wonderful coach.

He always tells me to run around on the base pads and i love him so much" reporting tyler hull wcbi news.

According to the national retail federation father's day spending is expected to reach an all-time high of $16 billion.

Maddie break summary: father's day weekend is shaping up to be a return to summer after recent fall-like conditions.

Dry weather should hold for our area on saturday but scattered showers and storms are possible on sunday.

Humidity levels will be going up drastically starting saturday morning.

Sunday: it'll be a warm and humid day with highs around 90?

Plus or minus.

Heat index values should push back up towards 96?.

Pop-up showers and storms are possible during the afternoon and evening but we're going to cap the chance of rain at 30% for now.

Any drop of rain is welcome due to recent dry conditions.

Next week: a typical summer weather pattern here on the great university in omaha one of the most difficult gains still waiting gain ... will.get a legwork will not have more of a personal day on saturday to enjoy family tomorrow is time to lot a business coach chris lamoni this is their day to hang out go walk go to the game go hang out with family downtown to get a t-shirt starting tomorrow morning it's all business by backing a mode to be honest being on the field i was so ready to play today is just a day to lack and get our headaches ready for the game i'll burn in the state 630 ... the winner or loser as a game even up to 5 o'clock tomorrow ... all throughout the week a high school aberdeen native ... it's going to be mississippi state the college world series ... mississippi state is looking to place their weight in 2013 take first cws billboard welcome to omaha nebraska mississippi state the second consecutive year at omaha it would be best to see the winter is playing iconic statue of omaha 1500 pounds bronze world the noble you know ... when a massachusetts restaurant owner opened up a shipment of lobsters, he got a colorful surprise.

This is a rare blue lobster about one in every two- million lobsters is blue, the cause of a genetic defect.

The restaurant owner wants to donate it to the st.

Louis aquarium, hoping it'll inspire kids to be interested in marine life.

Summary: father's day weekend is shaping up to be a return to summer after recent fall-like conditions.

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