Mariah Day

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Published on June 16, 2019 -

Mariah Day

Laoneda Carpenter puts on Mariah day for her community every year to honor her daughter who was a victim of bullying.

Mariah Day

People to stop bullying.

Good evening and thank you for joining us, i'm rylie livingston laoneda carpenter puts on mariah day for her community every year to honor her daughter who was a victim of bullying.

Carpenter says she wants to take mariah's tragedy and turn it into something positive.

At first glance, you would think that "mariah day" starkville was a happy occasion.

Possibly a birthday party or family reunion of some sort.

However, that's not the case... mariah day, though fun and entertaining, is a day of remembrance.

"this here.

This is what help me continue, try to continue to make her voice be heard."

Mariah died in april of 2017 and was a victim of bullying.

Now her mother, laoneda carpenter, spends her days sharing mariah's story.

"i have a non profi organization which is called mariah's voice.

Mariah's voice is what i do.

I travel.

I go from different churches, different events, different places, different states, and i speak about mariah and i tell mariah's story."

Carpenter says she plans this day every year with hopes of bringing more positivity to her community.

"we're trying to brin awareness to bullying.

We're trying to stop bullying.

Today we want a bullying free world.

It's all about a bullying free world.

Let everybody know that it's time to spread love and not hate.

We've got to come together as a community, as a family, as one and teach and raise our kids the right way."

"we would like to see th whole community just come together and bring more awareness to bullying and suicide."

Organizers say the event is for everyone to come and enjoy, especially children.

"just to talk with the kids an give the kids a nice fun day to just come and enjoy.

A lot of mariah's friends are here, so this gives them an opportunity to really commemorate the passing of her.

The kids really enjoy it and we just enjoy putting this day on for the community."

"we all can be together an have a good time and not be jealous of one another.

Raise our kids and let our kids know it's ok to play with one another no matter what color they are, no matter how big, if they're black, if they're white, no matter what."

Carpenter says she hopes those in attendance remember one thing when they leave.

"reach out to someone.

Don' allow this to happen to anybody else."

In starkville... "whole crowd: mariah's voice stop bullying!"

Cash matlock, wcbi news organizers say

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