CHildrens museum

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Published on June 12, 2019 -
Childrens museum

CHildrens museum

>>> after the kids have had their day at the pool, head indoors for some exciting fund that will keep them learning through play.

The children's museum of the low country is just the place to be.

While they work on their huge transformation, a great summer lineup of events and programs. we want to welcome back director of marketing.

Thank you so much for being here >> guest: thank you for having us.

>> host: you have a huge calendar chock-full of events and camps and everything.

Let's talk about the events.

We have full steam ahead.

>> guest: we are excited to introduce peak play in the summer.

Usually we are closed on mondays.

Starting monday, june 17 will be open from 1:00 until 5:00 every monday this summer so you can come and play with us during the hottest part of the day.

Part of the peak play mondays we are introducing full steam ahead at 3:00 p.m.

On mondays.

This program is free with membership and admission.

We will be focusing on steam concepts.

That's science, technology, engineering, math and we throw in some arts to make it steam.

We are painting with robots and doing paint through chemical reactions and all sorts of things.

Lots of fun activities in that program.

>> host: i love mixing art was science.

You have the brownbag stem challenge.

>> guest: several free programming.

The brownbag stem challenge is wednesdays and sundays at 3:30.

This is fun for the whole family.

You pick up a brownbag and each week the materials change.

You have a challenge inside the bag with all of the materials that you need.

We have made roller coasters from marbles and all sorts of things in the brownbag stem challenges.

It's new every week.

A really fun activity to enjoy at the museum.

>> host: really nice you're getting the entire family involved.

Also things for the little ones.

>> guest: we have art room surprise.

That is in the mornings on tuesdays at 10:30 and saturdays at 10:30.

These introduce different art concepts.

This is free with membership and admission.

We introduce different paint and oil pastels.

This coming week, next tuesday and saturday, we will be painting with real fruit stamps.

We will take fruit and make stamps out of them.

>> host: sounds like so much fun.

I love art.

Little kid art is so fun because it's different kinds of mediums. the camps are sold out.

>> guest: we do encourage parents to get online and sign up for the last week.

It is kid coders camp.

Middle of july.

That still has a few spots.

We open summer camps in january.

They do sell out quickly.

>> host: you are trying to incorporate activity and being very physical.

You have let's move really quick.what is that?

>> guest: that is another summer program in the afternoon.

That incorporates movement and play.

We have done balloon, badminton and animal yoga.

Always something to do.

We try to have these programs each day that we are open.

We are excited to be open mondays during the summer in the afternoons and not in the morning.

This sunday is father's day and all dads get free admission.

Open 12:00 until 5:00 on sundays.

A fun activity for fathers to do with their kids.

The brownbag stem challenges a big hit with dads.

>> host: sounds like so much fun.

Thank you so much.


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