Myrtle Creek lifts water advisory after diesel-related contamination

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Published on May 29, 2019 -

Myrtle Creek lifts water advisory after diesel-related contamination

Officials said a vehicle that drove into a ditch above the Springbrook Water Treatment Plant is to blame for the diesel-related water contamination.

Myrtle Creek lifts water advisory after diesel-related contamination

The romania building.

Residents in myrtle creek are hoping in just under an hour they'll be able to back to drinking the city's water.

City officials say it became contaminated with gasoline and diesel yesterday.

Kezi 9 news reporter michael sevren is live in myrtle creek with what city officials say is to blame and what they're asking of residents.

Chynna take a look at this map that shows the contamination.

City leaders say this whole orange area right here has been impacted and the outlining yellow areas may also be affected.

City leaders are expecting to get the results from a water test in just about an hour and say if everything is good and the advisory will be lifted.

They have been giving bottle water to impacted residents at city hall.

Residents are required to show either a utility bill or valid id to get the water.

City administrator sean negherbom tells me that even after the water has been given the all clear....the smell of gas may hang around for a bit.

"there is nothing we could do really to avoid this.

We are dealing with it the best we can, we always have to keep in mind public safety as the number one concern.

Sometimes we have to go overboard to assure that we have to take that extra step."

Negherbom said a vehicle that drove off the road into a ditch is to blame for the contamination.

A spokesperson for the department of environmental quality tells me they cleaned up the spill today and are monitoring the site.

City crews have been flushing hydrants and turned off their secondary water treatment plant to clear away the contaminated water.

And again city officials hope to give the all clear by 7 and we will have the latest on out website at kezi dot com and at kezi at 11.

Reporting live in myrtle creek i'm michael sevren, kezi 9 news.

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