Childrens Museum

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Published on May 23, 2019 -
CHildrens Museum and Publix

Childrens Museum

The magic of being a child is discovering something new about the world every day.

Bringing mysteries and wonders to life is the children's museum of the low country.

They will be spicing things up with new exhibits for the little ones through the power of play.

We are proud welcome back nicole miles, executive director for the museum.

This sounds so exciting >> guest: we are so excited about the great stuff happening at the museum.>> leyla: very interactive stuff.

This is a multimillion dollar project.

When did you get started?

>> guest: about 20 months ago.

We really needed to embark on a second phase for the children's museum.

We have been part of the low country 15 years.

We have served over 1.8 million children and families.

Those iconic exhibits are really wonderful, but they are getting worn and are out of date for best practices about what we know for and unlocking the potential for early childhood.

>> leyla: i'm seeing a lot of steam related stuff, science technology.

Let's go through some of the exhibits.

They are very interactive.

>> guest: everything is based on the child being powered to have that experience themselves.

>> leyla: yes.

Let's talk about the first one, shape space.

Tell us more about that.

>> guest: we look for this to be the first early child certified fab lab anywhere in the southeast.

>> leyla: what's a fab lab?

>> guest: great question.

Fab lab stands for fabrication laboratory.

These were originally made by mit.

This is taking high-tech 21st-century tools as well as analog tools and really getting them into the hands of children so they can invent and create and problem solve.

All of the resilient 21st-century learning skills we are talking about, this actually puts the equipment in their hands to make all of those visions come true.

>> leyla: are they building things?

>> guest: they are building things.

They are designing things using open source software as well as hands, pencil and paper.this is analog to the most cutting edge technology.

It's facilitated.

We are not going to let four-year-olds touched the laser cutters or anything.

If you can imagine all of those things that were in your head when you're younger that you want to bring to life, this is a lab that can actually do this.

>> leyla: it's amazing.

And 3d printers.


Only a couple minutes left.

Speak loud.

This sounds really good.

>> guest: we were founded by an artist.

We have a long history in the visual arts.

We want to expand on what the arts were.

You mentioned steam.

Putting in place, building puppets, creating your own sense of what's going to happen in a story.

Not only are those fundamental good vocabulary, literacy and storytelling skills, but the next level of creating your own environment and bring it to life in a theater setting.

>> leyla: coming out of your shell and speaking in front of people.

>> guest: exactly.

You can work behind the scenes to see how all of that works.

>> leyla: earth and beyond.

Visitors are beginning a journey from the center of the earth.

>> guest: teachers say space, weather and exploration is really important and it's hard to bring those things to life in the classroom.

We are building an environment that answers the need for our teachers and educators so children can come in and they can launch rockets and design their own paper airplanes and shoot them across the room.

They can experience aurora walls and design your own alien.

It is fun and interactive, but also really steeped in great skills and learning.

>> leyla: we can only get to one more which is super important.

That's about food and where it comes from.

>> guest: one of her most famous things right now is the charleston market.

Everyone loves it.

We scaled it one year ago to be locally sourced.

Your doctor was talking about locally sourced foods.

That's what we put inside of our market.

We are going to expand on that and add a form kipona and talk about how we get our food.

How does it grow and where does it come from and encourage children to interact with foods from the time they are grown to the time they reach

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