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may 15 2019

complete show may 15 2019

Head back to school this morning after a gas leak causes school to let out early... what was the cause... next... .

Plus, three people are dead and this man is charged with their murders... the plea he made in court... ahead... thanks for joining us, i'm daranesha herron..... and i'm morgan burger.

Today is wednesday, may 15th one month after a devastating tornado tore through the community of hamilton...storm clean up continues... w-t-v-a's kayla thompson is live in monroe county with what new plans have been set to help with recovery... there is still lots to clean up here in hamilton... there is a plan set up to remove the debris you see along these roads... clean up is scheduled to start in june with multiple cleanup crews... if the president steps in with a declaration it will speed up the good news for some residents in monroe county..... a recent boil water notice issued for some under the cason water district has been lifted.... this affects residents who live along bigbee cutoff road... sergeant lane and new road..

The notice was issued following repair work to the main line..

That work is finished and the water is now safe to drink... classes will return to normal this morning after armstrong middle school had to be shut down yesterday... all because of a gas leak... students were taken to the football field at starkville high school where parents could pick them up.... you can see parents waiting in line to get their kids... they had to go to the home ticket office with a driver's license... the superintendent said they just wanted to ensure they were taking all precautionary measures... very chaotic."

It was not bad enough to cause any danger, but it was high enough for us to take the precautionary measures of evacuating the campus... my son has asthma and bronchitis and you know i'm scared for his breathing but other than that it was very chaotic the superintendent says atmos has been working on the repairs .... school will follow a regular schedule today at the middle school campus and if they need to make other arrangements to cook lunches... they will do that... residents in lafayette county, listen up.

Starting this morning... there's a road closure that could affect how you get around the next few days... workers will shut down a small section of roadway along highway 3-31 between county road 4-28 and providence road.... the mississippi department of transportation says workers will be doing maintenance work and will need to close the road in both directions..

The work will begin this morning at 8, and should be finished by thursday morning.

Good morning!

It appears traffic is moving relatively smoothly across most area roadways this morning.

Watch for areas of construction in spots as you head out the door.

Be safe as you head to work or school this morning.

New this morning... crime stoppers is offering a reward for an information on a trailer that was stolen out of winston county... winston web news is reporting that a black enclosed 16 foot trailer was stolen from a property on shuqualak road.... the trailer had some light damage to the front end.... if you have any information on this theft... contact winston county crimestoppers at 662-773-99-99 or the winston county sheriff's office... i'm emma packard at the alert desk... an update on a story we've been following all week... booneville police have now released this surveillance video of an armed robbery at a fast food restaurant.

Police chief michael ramey confirms a person with a gun was able to escape with some money from the kentucky fried chicken restaurant saturday night.... surveillance videos show a person dressed in black with large white gloves.... thankfully, no injuries were reported.... if you have any information, call the booneville police department.

In choctaw county... area law enforcement are on alert after a string of armed robberies at dollar general stores across north mississippi... investigators believe a group is behind it... it started in marshall county with the robbery at the dollar general in red banks near holly springs.

There have also been armed robberies at dollar generals in attala county... abbeville... panola county and benton county.

Investigators are hoping someone -- somewhere may have seen something suspicious..

And will contact their local law enforcement agency... a man accused for the deaths of three lowndes county men had his day in court.... clark allen junior pleaded not guilty in court yesterday (tuesday ) to crime back in january.

Allen was indicted on three counts of capital murder for the deaths of these three men: maricio nance, tyshun fields, and demario snell.

The three were pronounced dead at a mobile home in artesia on january 15th of this year.

Lowndes county investigators say allen was a guest inside the mobile home at the time of their deaths.... allen remains behind bars at the lowndes county jail.... no bond has been set.... in south carolina... opening arguments have begun and today will be day two of testimony in the case of a man with ties to amory accused of killing his five kids prosecutors say timothy jones junior exploded in a selfish rage after his son ruined an electrical outlet.... but jones' attorneys claimed he was insane -- broken by his ex-wife's infidelity, the struggle of raising five young children on his own and a feeling he was failing god.... jones is charged with five counts of murder and is facing the death penalty..... pause for nats -- you need to use common sense when securing your weapons a mother accidentally shot by her young son at a baseball game... where police say the boy found the gun... the gun... a mississippi senator honors fallen officers as part of national police week ... hear what she had to say on the floor of the senate ... tupelo public school district discusses school reconstructions and renovations... what they plan on doing to update the schools... this morning... good morning!

It appears traffic is moving relatively smoothly across most area roadways this morning.

Watch for areas of construction in spots as you head out the door.

Be safe as you head to work or school this morning.

New this morning out of tennessee... a woman is accidentally shot by her 8-year-old son... the shooting happened in the first inning of a university of memphis baseball game..

Millington police say the boy found what he thought was a toy gun inside an antique car that was on display at the park.... the owner of the car is being questioned... at last check, the mom was in critical condition... no charges have been filed, but police say that could change... also new this morning... a leake central high school teacher's aid is arrested for having a relationship with a 16-year-old student... breezy news dot com reports 38- year-old jamie pope of carthage was arrested after an investigation... the leake county sheriff says the superintendent got a complaint.... officers believe the relationship has been going on since july... an alabama death row inmate may be out of options to prevent his execution this week ... michael samra was 19 years old when he was involved in killing multiple people ..

One option was if the supreme court expanded the ban on executing juveniles to anyone under the age of 20 --- which they have decided not to do ... the court also refused to specifically consider his case for appeal ..

Samra is set to die by lethal injection on thursday ... also in alabama... a pickens county medical center is in danger of closing as doctors leave town.... the hospital board chairman says the 56-bed hospital at one time had nine primary attending physicians... but they are now down to four... the federal government has given alabama two grants to fight opioid abuse in rural areas... the grants total four-hundred- thousand dollars... this is part of an initiative to start prevention, treatment and recovery programs... health and human services says people in these areas have added challenges to get help... the first black woman elected as mayor in mississippi has died.... unita blackwell died monday at a hospital on the gulf coast at the age of 86.... from 1976 to 2001, blackwell was mayor of (meyersville ) mayersville -- a town of about 500.... under her leadership, the town paved streets and worked to improve housing... the u.s. supreme court has refused to hear a dispute over a coat that belonged to civil rights leader rosa parks.... a lawyer for the parks' estate says relatives were suppose to turn over a wool coat that parks is seen wearing in this behind you iconic picture.... she wore it when she was arrested on a montgomery, alabama, bus in 1955.... but a niece insists she doesn't have the coat.... caught on camera... a woman chases a pig down a west virginia highway.... you can see here the loose pig stopped traffic on highway interstate 64 in dunbar -- running across multiple lanes... you can see what appears to be its owner chasing the little guy... no word on how the pig made it onto the highway... and this unlikely friendship caught on camera in florida... this german shepherd playing a game of tag with a deer!... this happened in lakewood ranch... you can see them running back and forth along the backyard... the alabama senate is sending the most restrictive abortion bill to the governor.... how it could fire up the reproductive rights battle in the u-s.... the public service commission using new methods to catch telemarketers,,, what they are doing... ahead... wednesday: a 20 percent chance there's no timeline yet for getting the u-s and china back to the table on trade ... president trump calls it a small squabble ... and yet another escalation may be just days away... president trump threatening to slap even more tariffs on china - and 325 billion dollars worth of its products.... a decision that has some very real-life consequences in the near term for american consumers and farmers caught in the middle ... so how does this impact us locally?

Soybean farmers across north mississippi are already facing the likelihood of a rough year financially with all of the rain keeping them out of the fields... now...a possible tariff on soybeans exported to china could hurt profits too... in yalobusha county...many of the soybean fields are underwater... there are nine soybeans farmers in the county...and they may have to plant something else this year to break even... m-s-u extension agent kyle jeffreys estimates that right now there are some five thousand acres of soybean fields underwater in the county... adding...that factor, plus a potential tax on soybeans could hinder farmers from making a profit... ."

Msu extension agent - yalobusha county) "its a problem to the farmer because they already work on such a thin-margin anyway and when you put the added stress of all the rainfall we've had this season along with the chance of tariffs and the lowering price, that's just detrimental to the farmers from the beginning."

Jeffreys says the farmers have to make a certain level of profit just to break even which puts them in a bad spot even before they plant their soybeans... adding that right now, they're praying for more dry weather... breaking news... the u-s embassy in iraq says the state department has ordered all non-emergency government staff to leave the country... this comes during tensions with the middle east... the u-s is investigating reports that iran may be planning attacks on the u-s there.... meanwhile... president trump says the new york times report that he is considering sending over one-hundred-thousand troops to the middle east to deal with wrong.

To plan for that ."

"it's fake news, okay?

Now, would i do that?


But we have not planned for that.

Hopefully we're not gonna have to plan for that" there is a navy carrier group in th area just in case... a colorado district attorney will decide today if the 16-year-old shooting suspect in the stem school shooting will be charged as an adult.... the 16-year-old is one of two suspects in the shooting at stem school highlands ranch last week that killed one student and injured eight others... also happening today, a colorado church will be hosting the celebration of life service for kendrick castillo, the student killed in the shooting.... the aviation subcommittee is holding a hearing today to determine the status of the boeing 7-37 max plane.... the boeing 7-37 max is the plane that was being flown in the ethiopian airlines crash on march 10th and the lion air crash in indonesia last october... the two crashes were responsible for 346 deaths... investigators in both countries say the boeing 737-max's new m- c-a-s anti-stall system seems to have played a role... / wednesday: a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. mostly sunny, with a high near 82.

South wind 5 to 10 mph becoming west southwest in the afternoon.wednesday after more than five hours of debate -- the alabama state senate passed legislation,,25 to 6,,, aimed at severely restricting abortion... the bill is now headed to governor kay ivey for her signature ... if she does sign it,,, the legislation will likely be challenged in the courts... the bill would make it a felony to undergo the constitutionally -protected procedure... it would also make it a crime for a doctor to perform it... punishment for an abortion could amount to 99 years in prison... prior to the final vote -- the senate rejected an amendment to the bill which would make exceptions in cases of rape and incest... facebook making changes to their policy on live streaming ... what prompted the new rules and what could cause you to be banned from the service ... in yalobusha county... a washed out bridge is causing traffic to be rerouted... how much this would cost the county to replace... next... at here are the top stories we're following at this hour... in monroe county... hamilton is still experiencing debris on the side of the road after a tornado hit last month... a live look at what's going on in that area ahead... in prentiss county... police released this surveillance video of an armed robbery at a fast food restaurant... the person was dressed in black with large white gloves and escaped with some money from the kentucky fried chicken restaurant saturday night... if you have any information, call the booneville police department... and in lowndes county... a man accused of murdering three men inside a mobile home has pleaded not guilty to three counts of capital murder... clark allen junior... who was a guest staying inside the mobile home... remains behind bars... no bond has been set..

Thanks for joining us, i'm daranesha herron..... and i'm morgan burger.

Today is wednesday, may 15th after a tornado hits the hamilton community in april...clean up and recovery efforts continue... community in april...clean up and recovery efforts continue... w-t-v-a's kayla thompson is live in hamilton with a look at the community now... this community looks a little better than it did the week of the tornado... however lots of people have been working tirelessly to clean up the area... if you can remember us showing you the fire department...this is what it looks like this morning... shelters have been set up all around the community... we'll continue to show you more as the sun comes up... live in hamilton, kt wtva 9 news..

A washed out bridge is making it hard for some people in yalobusha county to get around.... the bridge was built in 1951 to get across grenada lake which touches part of yalobusha county... but the bridge on county road 2-21 was shut down in february after flooding... the total cost of fixing the bridge is around 4 point 4 million dollars... and replacing it is almost doubling that amount... traffic has currently been rerouted around 20 to 30 miles just to get around the bridge... in lee county, the tupelo public school district board of trustees discussed reconstruction at yesterday's meeting... director of operations charles laney said they discussed repainting city schools, fixing parking lots, and overall care of the schools... schools will be open during the time of the construction... it's unclear when all the renovations will begin... nearly two dozen north mississippi communities have received their 2019 "national main street accreditation" as part of the main street america program... every year, the national main street center announces the list of accredited programs that are recognized for their commitment to preserve and revitalize the community... leaders say the mississippi main street cities generated nearly 250 new businesses in their at resulted in over 12-hundred new jobs..

For the people in the city... the specialty orthopedic groups celebrates it's new center during it's ribbon cutting on yesterday... people from all over town came to watch the ribbon cutting to celebrate the new facility that is officially open for business... physician and one of the founders of the company, tyler marks, says this is different than any other facility... "our vision was to provide patients with a choice, and we wanted to give them a choice of a one-stop shop, clinic, surgery, therapy, and outpatient surgery, and we've done it."

The facilities clinic opened on march 18th and then started its surgery center on april 18th... in honor of police week... one towns police department is asking that you start your day with them today.... todays coffee with a cop begins at 7 and lasts until 9 this morning... it's at hardee's on highway 45 ... the columbus police department is encouraging everyone to come out and join them... today is signing day in corinth... but not for athletics... it's for education... students in corinth will be making a commitment today to a local business or industry to work the summer as a paid intern... it's a program that three rivers planning and development oversees..

That works to bring industry and education together... last year nearly two dozen students took part in the event... what's the best way to save a life in a house fire..... a working smoke detector... this week..

Mike chaney is giving local city and county departments more than 23-thousand smoke alarms... just to give away..

To anyone who needs one... the detectors were purchased with federal grant money... .

Last year, in mississippi alone, 50 people died in a house fire... and according to the state fire marshal....three out of every five deaths happened where there were no smoke alarms present or they did not work... mike chaney will make the presentation to the departments tomorrow in jackson..

Expect to see a large number of bikes on the road today as the northeast mississippi cycling club hosts its "memorial bicycle ride" on wednesday... its part of the national ride of silence... done each year as a memorial to those riders who have been killed while riding their bicycles.

The ride will take place at 5:45 today in fairpark... the local club will be honoring tupelo teenager j-p frerer (ferr- rare) who was struck and killed by a car in 2009... his death led to the "john paul frerer (ferr- rare) bicycle safety act" from the mississippi legislature...tha t requires motorists to give cyclists a 3-foot distance when passing the house continues to press for documents and interviews --- and threatening subpeonas if they don't get the information they're asking for ... we'll break down what exactly they are asking for from the alert desk ... plus... nasa looking into building the first ever electric plane... a look at the design... next... good morning!

It appears traffic is moving relatively smoothly across most area roadways this morning.

Watch for areas of construction in spots as you head out the door.

Be safe as you head to work or school this morning.

A message this morning for telemarketers.... the public service commission is going "undercover" to catch callers violating the state's no-call list... in this tweet behind you ... northern district public service commissioner brandon presley says his agency will be gathering information to prosecute anyone making illegal calls.... mississippi can fine a company as much as five thousand dollars per call.... and don't forget -- you can report illegal calls using the new "psc no-call" app... you can immediately report calls to the commission right from your cell phone.... it's available on both itunes and google play and its free... apple users may soon be able to use apple pay to make purchases in the app store and in itunes.... the new payment option is coming as apple is set to roll out its new credit card -- the apple card -- this summer.

Nasa wants to build a new type of plane... the space agency is funding research to develop the world's first electric aircraft.... it could look something like this behind you ... engineers at the university of illinois are exploring the option of liquid hydrogen fuel cells to power airplanes.... nasa plans to put six million dollars into the program over a three year period.... washington state has been named the best state in the country.... that's according to a u-s news and world report ranking... the rankings are based on things like opportunity, economy, health care, education, and safety... mississippi is ranked 48th..

Followed by alabama and louisiana... but who's got america's most attractive accent?... travel company "big 7" running survey by one-point-five million social media followers... out of 50 rankings... texas took the top spot... where everything is bigger, including stetsons... and accents apparently... last place was "long-guy-land"... that's long island... facebook is changing some of its rules in the wake of the mass shooting at a new zealand mosque-- starting today,,,, people who break facebook's "most serious policies" will be immediately banned from using facebook live for a period of time... the company pointed to current community standards that prohibit spreading terrorist propaganda on the social network... under the new policy, the alleged christchurch shooter would not have been able to livestream the massacre from his facebook account in march... facebook's announcement comes ahead of a push by new zealand and france to encourage tech companies to limit the spread of extremist content online... the non-binding agreement is called the christchurch call-- a new study on the nature of human behavior suggests that prison time may not be an effective punishment for violent criminals ... researchers followed over 100 thousand convicted felons following their release,,, the data revealed that simply serving time behind bars did little to deter them from committing additional crimes ..

The house intelligence committee wants to keep documents related to michael cohen's congressional testimony.... president trump's former attorney is now in jail, partly for lying to lawmakers about plans to build a trump tower in moscow... yesterday the committee sent a letter to lawyers who represent president trump, his company, and his children don junior and ivanka... the letter says they should keep those records and agree to interviews... and if they don't, a committee official says the chairman will issue subpoenas... in response, the lawyers say those documents are covered by the attorney-client privilege... but the chairman says --- they're not.

As part of national police week,,, u-s senator cindy hyde-smith of mississippi will participate in today's memorial service at the u.s. capitol .... hyde-smith delivered remarks on the senate floor to honor the four officers being memorialized in national ceremonies.... those officers include: corporal zach moak,,, patrolman james white,,, patrolman leann simpson, and officer emmett paul morris... law enforcement officers risk their lives daily to help keep us safe, and any loss of an officer deeply affects entire communities.

Today's memorial service will be held at the capitol ... followed by a wreath laying ceremony ... wednesday: a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. mostly sunny, with a high near 82.

South wind 5 to 10 mph becoming west southwest in the afternoon.wednesday at here are the top stories we're following at this hour... ((((( end of show at 06:59:52 ))))) push show clean up at exactly 04:59:52

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