Trump move to kill ACA draws swift pushback

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Published on March 27, 2019 - Duration: 01:36s

Trump move to kill ACA draws swift pushback

Top congressional Democrats on Tuesday attacked a legal move by the Trump administration to step up its assault on the Obamacare healthcare law, saying last November's elections showed Americans want them to protect the Affordable Care Act.

Vanessa Johnston reports.

Trump move to kill ACA draws swift pushback

TRUMP: "We are going to be - the Republicans - the party of great health care!" President Donald Trump on Wednesday renewed his vow to REPLACE the Affordable Care Act with a better plan… if US federal courts decide Obamacare is unconstitutional..

The pledge from Trump comes in the face of bipartisan blowback … after Trump's Justice Department this week abruptly reversed its earlier position…SUGGESTING THAT the ENTIRE health care law SHOULD BE STRUCK DOWN IN THE COURTS… Democrats and some Republicans have condemned the move..

Saying there could be chaos in health care markets if higher courts uphold a December ruling by a Texas judge, who said recent changes in US TAX LAWS have rendered former President Obama's signature law UNCONSTITUTIONAL… Democratic candidates for president in 2020 have quickly seized on the issue…one they campaigned on heavily in 2018….

KAMALA HARRIS SOT The New York Times reported that Trump pushed AHEAD with a plan to demolish Obamacare in the courts OVER THE OBJECTIONS OF HIS ATTORNEY GENERAL WILLIAM BARR..


The report said Trump sided with his acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney……who convinced him he could achieve in the courts what he couldn't accomplish through Congress.

The administration's decision to support the latest ruling REVERSES it's earlier position that some parts of the law should be PRESERVED….such as an expansion of Medicaid for the poor.

Last year, Trump himself repeatedly pledged to keep the law's provision ensuring coverage for people with pre-existing illness…

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