Solid Blue Drive-Thru: Day 3

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Published on March 20, 2019 -

Solid Blue Drive-Thru: Day 3

It was the last chance to pick up our new, Solid Blue t-shirt this week for free!

Today were at Jack Kain Ford.

Watch for more details!

Solid Blue Drive-Thru: Day 3

You have a new bring five good c1 3 kelly along with bob taylor objecting for here for sales is our third and final solid blue drive-through we have had a grade crowd here in woodford county today, which comes as no surprise.

As we know bob solid blue friends of the best friends of the world oil valley out of people came from all over the state of kentucky to pick up their t-shirts and we just ran out euros.

That's good probably to drive no recourse of had a wonderful partnership which i can forward your family, there' no better family in the world folks.

Why do you get involved in a project like this without a doubt, so first of all would love universal kentucky wildcats the kentucky fans and we love get the community outs are stored in here alders doors and talking to the people why they're here were there from hi is just a great time.

Will chec came forward and became family.

They have always been great corporate citizens the give back to the community and it's reall been great to see you is like this bob every year you out here all these cars coming through your calling everybody by their first name.

I love the family atmosphere objecting one good thing about social kentucky.

Everybody's friendly they know each other and it's like a family reunion on what everybod comes back to the dealership will him in the spirit of full disclosure, i am a long time objecting for customer but i can tell you that it's the customer service that makes a difference because they do treat you like family.

Not just because you're on tv it doesn't matter where you're from or what you do and i've always appreciated that about all the folks here will we sincerely love all of her customers and they are like family we do our very best to make sure they get treated with the utmost of respect.

I've always said you you can get the best-selling pickup truck a ford f1 50 anywhere but people come here to get them because of the customer service that must make you feel proud.

It makes us fee great it's it's a true relationship.

When people commend us another to get treated better than anywhere else.

Also, back roadshows, big fair way out of the back row joe our vehicles.

There was still no war to but they are prize really love i considered some like like a fleamarket, get a gray card a great price bob to you, your family, all of the people he rejected for thank yo for hosting us again this year.

Thank you tom, and in general 3 your great partner.

You will really appreciate it as well folks, that is are solid blue drive-through for 2019 another huge

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