Jury deliberations underway in Yorkville murder trial of John Ferguson

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Published on March 12, 2019 -

Jury deliberations underway in Yorkville murder trial of John Ferguson

John Ferguson is the 38-year-old Yorkville man accused of stabbing his brother Daryl Ferguson to death in their mother’s home last July.

Jury deliberations underway in Yorkville murder trial of John Ferguson

Few rain showers are possible wednesday night as temperatures fall into the mid 30s.

A taste of spring begins on thursday with mostly ferguson are now underway.

Ferguson is accused of killing his brother daryl ferguson in their mother's home last july.

Newchannel 2's rachel murphy is live in oneida county court with more on what the prosecution and the defense told jurors in their closing arguments.


All 12 jurors must decide whether of not john ferguson intentionally meant to kill his brother.

And they were also given special instructions on this trial about justification or self defense.

The prosecution says the evidence shows that john was unhappy with his life.

They say he needed money for a new place, he had just broken up with his girlfriend and he had wanted to get back together with his ex wife but she rejected him.

The prosecution says john could have chosen anything to stop his brother daryl ferguson from coming after him but he chose a knife.

But the defense told jurors that john ferguson did what he had to do in order to survive after his brother got into an argument and choked him.

The defense told jurors daryl ferguson was drunk and high when he came after john.

The defense says daryl had a history of violent behavior and john grabbed because he was scared for his life.

The defense a struggle began and john did what heneed to do d himself.

Luke nebush defense attorney his attacks were intended to scare people his attacks were more aggressive he showed an unwillingness to stop at points because he pursued he argued he anybody would have the right to defend themselves in those situations in those incidences and that isexa what jw did that night <todd carville assistant district attorney, oneidacounty self-defense is a last resort you can't just use deadly physical force to meet physical force a fight with darrell with physicalorce d if history taught us anything ever touch a w anything it was that at rst it was gonna be a fistfight and he might sustain some minor injuries this case is not about the choice darrell made if he in fact challenged jw the jury must decide beyond a reasonable doubt whether or not the jury must decide beyond a reasonable doubt whether or not the jury must decidebeyd a reas doubt whether or not jn is guilty of murder in the second degree, manslaughter in the first degree, and criminal possession in the third degree.

The judge told jurors there is special circumstances with this case called justification also know as self defense.

That means that they must also determine whether or not john believed that he needed to use physical force in order to protect himself from death or a serious injury.

Jurors did ask to hear the 911 call from john's mother, to see the body camera footage from police and

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