Huawei launches lawsuit against the U.S.

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Published on March 7, 2019 - Duration: 01:38s

Huawei launches lawsuit against the U.S.

Chinese telecoms tech maker Huawei sues the U.S. government saying a law that limits its U.S. business is unconstitutional.

It's the company's latest shot back at a U.S. campaign to close it out of global markets.

Ryan Brooks reports.

Huawei launches lawsuit against the U.S.

China's Huawei launched a lawsuit against the U.S. government on Thursday (March 7).

It's the latest volley in an escalating dispute with Washington as the United States carries out a lobbying campaign among allies aiming to shut Huawei out of Western markets.

Fears have swirled around the company that its technology could be used for Chinese espionage overseas Huawei denies this.

On Thursday Huawei said its challenging a law that bans part of its U.S. business.

It argues the NDAA is a law that's unconstitutional.

Huawei says the US Congress has failed to give enough evidence to support a ban but this is just one part of Huawei's legal troubles.

It's also grappling with U.S. charges against its CFO, Meng Wanzhou.

She's been arrested in Canada- and faces extradition to America.

Reuters Cate Cadell in Beijing says the lawsuit - is Huawei biting back.

(SOUNDBITE)(English) REUTERS CHINA TECH CORRESPONDENT, CATE CADELL, SAYING: "Huawei is essentially going on the offensive now, uh when Meng Wanzhou was first arrested back in December they seemed to have a lot of faith in the justice system, and they were saying they would let 'justice prevail.'

What this today represents is this is the pinnacle of what's been happening over the last two months, which is Huawei ramping up their aggressive PR and also you know kind of trying to force the U.S. government to explicitly say what is wrong with Huawei working in the U.S." Some legal experts warn Huawei's lawsuit is likely to be dismissed because U.S. courts are reluctant to second-guess other parts of government if they decide something is a threat to national security.

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