VIDEO What the Tech? Studying on YouTube

Credit: WFMZ Allentown, PA
Published on March 6, 2019 -
Jamey Tucker reports

VIDEO What the Tech? Studying on YouTube

>>you to trend parents to get behind its called gong videos of people studying.

>>it all started when a student in korea wanted to prove to his parents that he was studying and as our consumer tech reporter jamey tucker shows us.

It seems to be helping students hit the books.

>>as stomping grounds coffee, you're guaranteed to see 2 things hot coffee and students study a lot of can now be said about you too.

Hours of videos people studying the latest viral sensation called gong ball news video of students reading writing and typing on a computer.

Some videos had music in the background moves do not.

There is the sound of rain outside this student's apartment in korea and i kept walking by the cameras the student in canada of studies for a business class.

This youtube or the strive to fed has some videos that have been watched over 2 million times and her channel has nearly a 158,000 subscribers santa.

Not everyone gets that morning.

I asked people to watch the videos the reaction always the same.

>>made this channel and she's just inviting people watch or what makes the video so popular with students i found is that they can have a study buddy, even when they're alone every comment.

It's positive.

>>this student is still studying still live streaming for us several hours only has about 200 people watching and study live.

A study is very important in korea were some students will study 8 to 10

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