megan funeral

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Published on March 4, 2019 -
megan funeral

megan funeral

Again today at noon on cb?44!

Are paying their respects to gunned down at his home today.

We'll have a live update on the funeral arrangements?

And at least 23 people are dead after a catastrophic tornado ripped through alabama leaving a disastrous mess in its place?

An update on search and rescue efforts good afternoon.... welcome to 44news at noon.

I'm veronica dekett?

The evansville firefighter tragically gunned down outside his home last week will be laid to rest today.

44news reporter megan diventi is at christian fellowship church in evansville as people are paying their respects?



A very emotional day here at christian fellowship church.

Right now visitation is being held for private robert doerr.

People have been filing i?

Paying their respects.

Doerr was a member of the evansville fire department for nearly three decades.

Last week police responded to oakley street in evansville where doerr was found shot mulitple times right outside his home.

Police are still searching for the person responsible for this tragic death.

And agai?

Today many people out here paying tribute to a man they say had a heart of gold.

The funeral service will be taking place at ?and we will be live streaming that on our website at

I'll have more on this story today at 5 and 6.

Reporting in evansville, megan diventi, 44news.

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