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Published on February 15, 2019 -
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Has demanded for a wall with mexico.

The republica?led senate has passed the bill and it's expected to pass the democrati?

Controlled house before heading to the president's desk..

It was a surprise mov?

The senate majority leader taking to the senate floo?

And announcing the president will sign the border security funding bill?but that's not all..

(pkg) moments before the senate voted to avert another government shutdown..

A surprise announcement from the senate majority leader sot/// he's prepared to sign the bill, he will also be issuing a national emergency declaration at the same time.

The white hous?

Confirming..in a statement sarah sanders writing: "he will also take other executive action?

Including a national emergency?

To ensure we stop the national security and humanitarian crisis at the border.

Mcconnell added?

He plans to support the national emergency declaration..after saying for weeks..such a move would..set a bad precedent for future administrations somethin?speaker pelosi also cautioned her colleagues against..

Sot/pelosi: i know the republicans have some unease about it// if the president can declare an emergency on something that he has created as an emergency, an illusion that he wants to convey, just think of what a president with different values can present to the american people.

While the move is sure to spur legal challenges..

Speaker pelosi..

Saying at this time..they are simply reviewing their option?.

The bipartisan legislation includes roughly ?poin?4 billion dollars for 55 miles of new physical barriers, but doesn't include funds for the "big, beautiful wall" prototypes the president touted on the campaign trail but it's not just the border in this massiv?nearly 1200 page bill..

It also includes legislation for six other areas of the government..all shutdown for 35 days as a result of the border fight because of the recent partial federal government shutdown, people who receive snap benefits will get them*early again in march.

Oregonians who normally receive their snap benefits between the first and ninth of each month will get their benefits on the first.

This is the*second month they've been given out ahead of time.

If you're concerned about running out of benefits, contact the oregon food bank or the aging and disability resource the push to legalize psyc?a?

Delic mushrooms for medical use by 2020 is gaining traction in eugene.

Shroom pac?

A group that's pushing for the legislation is canva?ing in eugene and asking for donations.

Organizers say the so called "magic mushroom" can be used to combat some mental health "we know that we can do it.

We did it with cannabis we proved that we can rally together and change laws."

The campaign needs over a hundred and 17 thousand a eugene committee proposed a new payroll tax that would raise tens of millions of dollars for public safety... something police are saying is necessary.

Kezi nine news reporter emma jerome spoke with the eugene police chief to find out just who this tax jerome: "police are saying that the services that would benefit from this tax are of huge importance" chris skinner: "the demand for the services has outpaced our supply.

We just dont have the supply to meet the demands this community has and its demands that they deserve to have met.

So we are trying to find a way to raise the revenue and raise the capacity... increase the capacity of the system to be able to serve the community members" the new tax would deduct a percentage of both the total payroll of a company as well as a portion of each employee's paycheck.

Abut tw?thirds of revenue from this tax would benefit public safety such as increased hiring in the police and fire departments.

Ej:"coming up at 5 here from people with a cooz bay, north bend and the c?kwille indian tribe, will soon pay "two and a half percent" more in taxes when people stay in their hotels.

Starting in april, facilities will collect a "nine and a half percent" tax every time someone stays overnight.

That includes hotels, motels, b&b inns, rv parks, and vacation rentals.

The tax will go to advertising and marketing to bring leaders in portland are new at ?30.....the program that is here in our area that they are interested in having but first?

Today is the one year anniversary of the parkland shooting in florida... coming up?

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