Local BMX Rider is Best in the Nation

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Published on February 2, 2019 -
Evan Enserro is at the top of his age group in BMX riding in all of America.

Local BMX Rider is Best in the Nation

Alan alan most kids ride their bikes for fun... but pleasant valley high school freshman "evan enserro" has perfected his skills into a national championship.

Action news now reporter 'luna nas' shows us how "enserro" became the number one b-m-x racer in the country.

Pkg nat: out the gates luna: evan enserro .

Started bmx racing at the age of 8 evan: i think im a pretty competitive person, so its fun for me.

Luna: 6 years later.

Under the bright lights of silverdollar bmx .

Enserro still lives for that competition, training four evan: talks about training luna: after winnning the grand's championship in tulsa oklahoma this past thanksgiving.

He became the number 1 racer for his age group.

In the country.

Evan: its pretyy cool, its definitely a pleasure.

It took me a long time.

Dad: nat: luna: although racers compete with one another on the track .

Bmx also brings out a sense of team camrarderie evan: i got friends in austrailia, in canada, met some guy from japan last year, its pretty cool just getting to know all these people ..you get to national, its like a family reunion almost dad: talks about having and in life luna: with a national championship already under his belt, enserro is now setting his eyes on a long-term finish line evan: talks about olympics luna: but for now, enserro is gearing up for his next compettion the uci bmx world championship in belgium .

Coming up this summer.

Nat luna: reporting from chico.

Luna nas.

Action news now.

### alan alan

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