Lowcountry Dog Magazine Talks Holiday Issue, Survivors of Cruelty Case

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Published on December 5, 2018 -
new issue plus upcoming events

Lowcountry Dog Magazine Talks Holiday Issue, Survivors of Cruelty Case

Foster that.

In while you're out there shopping for your family don't forget our four legged friends they deserve some christmas joy to interview need an idea or two lowcountry dog magazine has the perfect gift guide.

Plus they're here with that couple of special guests survivors of a terrible animal cruelty case was cracked a year ago are glad to welcome back the magazine's publisher brian foster and his beth booth who is fostering sweet little amber.

Well welcome to the both of you and i did these lovely dogs for saul tells who this one.

This is bella and bella is actually she's on the cover of the new issue and both bell and amber came from this case which was in florence south carolina and november in november last year by animal rescue shut down this commercial breeder they're on their is over hundred and thirty three animals their horrendous shape these dogs friend bella here that the two likenesses rescue well that's actually when she first had her first surgery she had several surgeries her job is completely broken.

So they've done very specially cares a lot of surgeries on her and that that picture was when her job was basically penned so is holding it in place she looks she's still she's still not one hundred percent recovered but she's come a long way in alaska the tlc it shows in space and she she was the adopted and has been you know living the good life has held a she.

We don't really know how it is his you know with these with these dogs come from these cases it's really hard age for taking care of it sweet little amber heard about her number um is around eight years old on here docks along here dotson she actually has some dental issues to share so that the surgery tomorrow she's from the same cases she's up for adoption she's very very sweet girl very shy very kind of laid back she dusky wants to chill out a little.

I little bit of eye issue yet but she looks like a sweetheart and i had the chance to socialize of both of them and they've been to so darling and sweet so they needed a nice calm home probably right not a lot of young kids around to be someone belittled or beget ok let's talk about this issue that some some gift ideas for us we do an annual gift guide every year so we have a lot of stuff you get online.

We have some stuff from harry winston has a set from hollywood feed just you know good ideas for gifts for your dog and for people that love dogs we have all sorts of stuff on there so a lot of it you can actually order online streak to the magazine and a lot of it there's actually some items on there that the proceeds go to value.

So that's wonderful and harry winston don't mistake that for diamonds are actually talking about yes harry harry harry winston.

I actually styled a lot of a photo shoot that's in the magazine they really because what we did for our cover story was we got eight of the dogs back from this case and had a little family reunion like holiday dinner.

Oh how lovely that so sweet.

If anyone wants more information on how they can adopt these sweethearts have they do that just go to valiant rescue work and go to the adoption page and you can see all the available dogs there and there's actual application they're okay then there's that big event that's happened january nineteenth we have our annual trunk rescue its fourth year doing that we do not smoke epitaph room and we have six rescues out there live music.

It's a whole lot of

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