Siskin unveils its "1 in 6" program to encourage giving for the 1 in 6 who suffer disabilities

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Published on November 14, 2018 -

Siskin unveils its "1 in 6" program to encourage giving for the 1 in 6 who suffer disabilities

Siskin unveils its "1 in 6" program to encourage giving for the 1 in 6 who suffer disabilities

Siskin unveils its "1 in 6" program to encourage giving for the 1 in 6 who suffer disabilities

To introduce you to the newest dentist joining chattanooga dental cares office and that is dr. cdc.

So at this and we are inviting chattanooga to be part of part of our campaign and join us and be the one in six and help us by donating $20 or more and that helps that local families and children in support of the enuresis can board eligible three of eligible children all have gone thursday scan and they have been helped at that ethically developing and in their program where they've had therapy services in endless lines at cisc and it so that led to your involvement in this 16 time of lists assume that everyone here does that word is his money go 16 and is only 20 bucks okay so don't very deal is a huge amount of money were :-) actually go directly benefits the children and the families that are so you're talking about expansion of the programs that cisc and artie does so dark you to add activities they did outreach programs on expansion of our and family promise and work that were also doing which is providing resources to families in need and navigating life for the special-needs chil can be very challenging.

We wan to be able to come along the same things, not just for the child and not just for the parents, but for other members of his time when your first child was attending cisc and what was your take away aha moment.

Well, these people so i got day when we walked in and i was there was some magical at cisc and asked about the children and all there and we love the fact that there was this great ratio of special needs, intently developing children and our son to come in and be a part of that and learn how to just be friends with everyone while he's learning as well and i'll take it out when the great benefits of having a disk and was that he actually developed some special needs while he was there that were immediately picked up upon because the staff numbers and nurses knew what to maybe use o the at the apple.

If so, a lot of parents who are in your position.

More children go through the cisc in children since the further step is these people are not.

This is not her job is to call it is absolutely and we think of as the staff members at this consultancy as family, which is why after our three children graduated him alumni and found that we invest that we want to still be involved with same know when yo say graduated as it relates to your children went through their pre-k and then i'm gone into the public schools elementary schools in the 90s and on my oldest child is 16 years old an well doing well and my twins that went there 11 and they're all very well adapted children oversight other parents may be ... hesitant to explore what cisc i.

I think he should come down and take a tour i mean the moment you walk in this butterfly gait and you see what cisc and is al about and you meet those precious children who are there.

It is gonna fall in love in the name just about the mission of cisc and it there really changing lives a pretty magical place.

It is at length how your friends and those of you that you and your children associate with patients.

What's been ther to cisc.

Well, i mean they certainly see our own children, and i can give you an example b example to where i am.

You know i told anyone, so i give you one that we are at a family reunion of sorts, and there was a child there who had adopted a on and where a lot of children may be on not understand what that looks like or be a little our children were not.

They just seen other friends an so they just want to be a part of that tail on and i had this precious nephew, who also uses adaptive equipment and it's jus wonderful to have a place like cisc and where we know to go to get the resources that we need sport that we found it does hel them not just physically, and not just emotionally but also social think, yes, absolutely.

I mean, it's it's been just an amazing place to where i mean it's it's just family for us.

It's like a going back home everything we want is butterfly gait good enough.

So what great place to leave the actual site so much.

We do portions very actively involved in some member or if you like to get involved like rachel.

As with the great work you're doing at cisc children's institute.

Check out the 16 program one in six one in 620 bucks a month.

That's all it takes.

Check them out at cisc and got award she skids

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