Nicaraguan Family Searching for Missing Man who Crossed Border Illegally

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Published on October 10, 2018 -

Nicaraguan Family Searching for Missing Man who Crossed Border Illegally

Border Patrol says the public can call 1-866-277-2935 if their loved ones find themselves in danger.

Nicaraguan Family Searching for Missing Man who Crossed Border Illegally

Months... a family from searching for their loved one-- who crossed the border illegally.

Channel 5's christian von preysing spoke to border patrol about where families can turn for help.

The family of axel domingo talavera munoz says the 25 year old crossed the border two months ago.

They still have hope of finding him.

Axel domingo talavera munoz's family is clinging to hope.

They tell us their search has criss- crossed the valley.

Their running out of options.

"he texted his mom and told her he was going to cross the river.

And then the second message was we're gonna do the walk that the people do.

And then after that she didn't receive any more messages."

Munoz's family says somewhere near the brush in falfurrias the coyotes left him behind.

"i know that he's a good kid and he wanted to come to this country for a better life for his kids."

Border patrol tells us munoz is one of tens of thousands who cross the border illegally in the valley every year.

"they said they left him because he was sick.

And they left him with just a bottle of water."

Munoz is 25 years old, 5'4" and 170 pounds.

His family says he was wearing black shorts, a gray t- shirt and military boots.

Border patrol tells us they have people specifically tasked to track lost migrants.

Supervisor elizabeth gamez, with the missing migrants program, is one of them.

"we try to get gps coordinates from phase 2, from the cell phone tower, or any significant location markers."

She says family members need to call their 1-866 number when someone's in trouble in the brush.

Gamez tells us they also need to call their country's consulate, that have additional resources.

The person lost -- should waste no time and call 911.

"call 911.

They'll get you help.

Because that minute, it counts."

She says they're now asking people to identify landmarks.

Describing silohs, of ranch gates -- can help when lost on large ranches.

"we just want to know that he's okay."

Munoz's family continues looking.

They hope they find their loved one soon enough.

That number border patrol says family members need to call is 1-866-277-2935.

There are several consulates here in the valley for people from honduras, guatemala, el salvador, and mexico.

The nicaraguan consulate is based in houston.

In the channel 5 news studio, christian von preysing channel 5 news at 6.

A note to christian's story.

Border patrol says they're working to map out landmarks on ranches like windmills and fence gates.

Agents say tracking someone by a cell phone signal isn't always precise and often leaves agents with a wide area to search.

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