Hindus, Muslims observe Ganesha Chaturthi & Muharram under one roof

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Published on October 2, 2018 - Duration: 02:58s

Hindus, Muslims observe Ganesha Chaturthi & Muharram under one roof

Mumbra (Maharashtra)/Vidisha (Madhya Pradesh)/Mayurbhanj (Odisha), Oct 02 (ANI): The festivals in India do not just offer a temporary reprieve from the daily grind but also serve as a medium to promote peace and brotherhood as people from across faiths gather at one place to commemorate the event.

This bond of religious harmony was recently visible during the Ganesh Chaturthi and Muharram that brought different communities together in various parts of the country.

Since Ganesha Chaturthi and Muharram coincided with each other this year, both Hindus and Muslims across the country geared up to celebrate the festivities with equal zeal and enthusiasm.

At some places, both the events were commemorated within the same premise with a lot of coordination and respect for each other’s belief.

At Mumbra village of Thane district in Maharashtra, villagers spread a strong message of religious harmony by conducting ‘Ganesh aarti’ and azaan for the muharram in the same pandal set up by Eka Mitra Mandal.

“In our Mumbra, there is a lot of unity among Hindus and Muslims. Be it Ganesha festival, Navaratri, Bakr Eid or Muharram, we celebrate all the festivals together.

This is the unity of our Mumbra”, said a resident.

Similar scenes were witnessed in the Vidisha city of Madhya Pradesh, where a Hindu family installed both ‘Muharram Sawari’ and Ganesha’s idol under one roof.

According to a family member, Manjoy, this has been the tradition of their family and he has just continued it and his neighbours have actively supported him in this.

I have witnessed this tradition at my father’s time and I am continuing with it.

This is a coincidence that today is the ninth day of Muharram as well as Ganesha festival and here (both Ganesha’s idol and Muharram Tazia) are installed, thus taking forward this tradition and I want my children too, to take forward this tradition”, said a devotee.

Meanwhile, in the Lal Bazar village of Odisha’s Baripada town, both Hindus and Muslims together braved the weather and took out the Tazia Procession during Muharram.

It has been more than 50 years that both the communities are jointly celebrating this festival.

About 50 youngsters from both the communities participated in the procession and police administration too kept a keen eye to avoid any disruption by the anti-social elements.

“Irrespective of rain, the Muharram is being celebrated in a great manner.

The festival is being celebrated here for the past many years and Hindu-Muslim together celebrate it and I am very happy to see this.

Regardless of rain, the festival is still celebrated in a great way.

People of all faiths celebrate it together and I am very happy”, said a devotee.

Such examples showcasing India’s secular nature can be witnessed every now and then in our country but it’s during the festivals when this beautiful bond of friendship among all faiths gets much more strengthened.

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