Teenage ballerina sues New York City Ballet, calls it perverted 'breeding ground' for sexual degradation of female dancers

NYDN Wibbitz - Thursday, 6 September 2018

A teenage ballerina is suing the New York City Ballet She claims male dancers routinely took advantage of female dancers, snapping and sharing nude photos and videos And, according to the lawsuit, the ballet turned a blind eye to it all One male dancer in particular is called out in the lawsuit Dancer Alexandra Waterbury alleged that she was victimized by hard-partying dancer Chase Finlay The lawsuit details a number of disturbing text messages sent by Finlay It also charges that Finlay instigated the widespread exchange of the nude photos and videos taken without the consent of their victims Chase Finlay allegedly wrote, according to lawsuit The New York City Ballet on Wednesday said it was โ€œconfidentโ€ there was no basis for the suit The ballet "vehemently denies the allegations that the Company has condoned, encouraged, or fostered the kind of activity that Mr. Finlay and the others named have participated in."

Finlay, who dated Waterbury for a year while allegedly taking intimate photos and videos of the Columbia University student without her knowledge, resigned suddenly from the ballet last week

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