Protest against DACA repeal

Credit: WROC
Published on August 27, 2018 -
Dozens brave the rain to protest the DACA repeal.

Protest against DACA repeal

Rain ??

For a protest in rochester against the repeal of the "deferred action for childhood arrivals" program ?


Or daca.

The obama?era executive action protects people who were brought to the u?s illegally as children from deportation.

People against the repeal marched ??

Signs in hand ??

In front of the federal building.

They are particulary concerned about young people being denied opportunities to be productive members of society.

((sot)) "whether it's financial aid, whether its to get a driver's license to go to a doctor's office.

All these necessary requirments we take for granted.

With daca people have that privelege, but before they didn't."

Protesters also called for for overall immigration reform.

President trump has told congress to do just that.

Daca will be phased out in six months while congress works on a

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