Senator Paul Talks Healthcare in Owensboro

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Published on August 26, 2018 -
Senator Paul Talks Healthcare in Owensboro

Senator Paul Talks Healthcare in Owensboro

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U-s senator rand paul stopped in owensboro to discuss healthcare and medicaid specifically - with local leaders and healthcare professionals.

The outspoken republican has been meeting with folks across the bluegrass to both understand what they're thinking and let them know what he is doing to help bring about healthcare change.

44news reporter jeff goldberg is here to explain how paul eased the nerves of some people at the meeting.

There was a sense of optimism when talking to people walking out of the healthcare round table.

They believe they are in capable hands with senator rand paul.

U-s senator rand paul stops in owensboro as a part of a traveling round table healthcare discussion with local leaders and healthcare professionals across kentucky.

He took no time addressing the elephant in the room -- talking about healthcare even after the healthcare bill failed.

Paul says: "we did not come to a consensus even within one political party on a solution but the problems do remain."

The problem that scares those working in healthcare in western kentucky is being caught in limbo between the affordable care act - and whatever comes next.

Greg strahan says: "a lot of the things that he said today we're encouraging that they're thinking outside the box a little bit we need to be able to make a difference in people's lives and you can't do that if you don't know where their health insurance is coming from or what's gonna happen with the aca and i think making those decisions are going to be key."

The physician turned senator believes in getting the most people insured for the lowest cost.

To accomplish that goal he put forth the same plan he's been talking about for months.

Paul says: "i met with the president several times i talked with him again last monday what i would like is people in the individual market to be given an escape hatch a way to get out of the market and into the group market."

The individual market is made up of people who do not get healthcare coverage from an employer or the government - but directly from insurance companies.

Paul believes if you allow folks to get out of the individual market and couple that with the 28 million people who are uninsured - the group market could bring real results.

Paul says: "i think if you let people join a group like if you worked at mcdonalds and you're mcdonalds joined the national restaurant association you'd be getting your insurance with 15 million people and then you;d get a cheaper price so i think a lot of the people that can't afford insurance could afford insurance if they join a group."

The big question - could this plan work for people in western kentucky -- and across the tri-state?

Those in charge of local healthcare say it could.

Strahan says: "in terms of putting it to the greater number of people that are out there and letting them self select what groups they could be in and what they could be a part of i think is really good because they get the benefit of the lower cost."

Senator paul believes that when session resumes in september that the president may take unilateral executive action on healthcare.

Paul hopes that the president decides to use his suggestions.

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