Brownsville Business Owners Experiencing Less Commerce

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Published on August 25, 2018 -
The business owners are noting different reasons as for the drop in business.

Brownsville Business Owners Experiencing Less Commerce

Owners in downtown brownsville are looking for reasons why their sales are dropping.

Brownsville business owners we spoke with today, tell us it could be for a couple of reasons.

Channel 5's daisy martinez is in the cameron county newsroom with what they think is going on.

Take ll: naida garza, works at a candy store in downtown brownsville...she tells us business is plummetting - she says people don't want to spend their money on birthday parties, in case they need it if they're faced with deportation...others blame the peso devaluation.

Take pkg: it's the weekend, but naida garza isn't rushing out the door to make any party deliveries....that's because there's hardly any business... she says sales dropped after the start of the year... sot: naida garza works candy store "if the situation continues like this, i suppose we're going to close the business."

Garza believes it's a direct impact from president trump's executive orders on immigration.

People, who don't have the proper documentation, she says, are afraid to leave their homes and aren't spending their money locally.

Sot: sot: naida garza works candy store "they don't want to go out or they prefer to save their money, in case there's an emergency, if they get deported from the country, they'll need that money.

They prefer to save it instead of spending it, and our sales have really gone down.

It's affected us a lot."

Things have gone from about 2 to 3 party bookings each weekend to just 5 party bookings in all of january.

She's hopeful business will pick- back-up -- sot: naida garza works candy store "when it comes to the issue of security, the trust of the people to be out freely, comfortable, shopping, simply going grocery shopping, or like i said to pick-up the kids, no, the security is not going to be the same."

Daniel hong's store is located on elizabeth street in brownsville - his business has drastically slowed down -- he attributes it to the devaluation of the peso, he doesn't believe it's because of any executive action sot: daneil hong store owner "most of my customers are coming in here legally.

They are crossing in and out of the border everyday, so, i mean, i just don't see them being scared of being picked-up when they have every right to be here" hong says people here illegally often go to his store looking for a job - he's had the same workers for years and isn't looking to hire new ones.

In brownsville, daisy martinez channel 5 news at 6 warmer

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