Locals voice support for Trump's ban

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Published on August 25, 2018 -
Locals voice support for Trump's executive action

Locals voice support for Trump's ban

3 while people are protesting president donald trump's executive order on immigration and refugees ... ...others throughout erie county are standing behind his .

Decision.jaclyn seymour spoke with a couple people and joins us now with why they're supporting trump.jaclyn?

Jaclyn?sean jillpeople are standing behind the president saying he campaigned on this and is fulfilling his promises to help keep america safe.


While some across the country are outraged by the executive order severely restricting immigration from seven muslim countries ... others stand behind the actions.

Actions."you lock your doors at night because you love the people inside.

It's not that you hate the people on the outside, but you love the people on the inside.

The president, his job overall is to protect the security of all americans and this is the best way he sees fit of doing it."

Suspends all refugee admission for 120 days and bars all syrian refugees indefinitely.

Trump supporters say it's not an issue of race or safety and .

Security."even though they are very peaceful people of religon and from whatever country they're from, there's also radicalized people that are in this group.

And i'm fearful."they also say trump campaigned on this promise and told voters he was going to do .


"trump said america first, and he also said let's make america better.

And that is what he is trying to do."

Bradley russo also adding the countries targeted by the order were originally selected as possible sources of terror by former president barack obama's administration.

Administration."the ban itself was put in place until we come out with a better procedure to vet the immigrants coming in.

That's the purpose of it.

Not to upset anybody or kick anybody out because america's a melting pot.

We all know that" that."

Supporters say they stand behind it because they think trump has the american people's best interest in mind in keeping the

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