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In his first days in office..

President trumpis making use of his "executive power" wide, but vague power granted to the us president in article 2 of the constitution.

Every president dating back to george washington has used executive powers in one way or another - some more than others.

Krcr news channel 7's brent weber is here with a look at some of president trump's early moves -- what they can accomplish and what they can't.


Mike - it's important to keep the president can sign an executive order or an executive action and there are some differences in what they can accomplish.

An executive order is an official document signed by the president that declares government policy.

In an executive order, a written into the official journal of the government.

Executive orders cannot reverse a law passed by congress.

An executive action is a broader term, describing all types of unilateral moves by a president.

That can include executive orders, but it also includes proclamations, memorandums, and proposals.

Directives and memorandums - used to inform federal agencies of administration policy - do carry the same legal effect as an executive order, according to a justice department statement from 2009.

But proclamations are more ceremonial, and often don't affordable care act by ordering government agencies to waive in his keystone memorandum, mr. president trump has also signed president trump has also signed actions stopping federal money from going to any foreign aid group that provides abortions.

And has focussed of removing regulations to speed up infrastructure projects.

Brent weber krcr news channel 7.

Donald trump is certainly not the first president to use executive powers to accomplish things during his presidency.

In his first 100 days in office ....barack obama had issued 19 executive orders.

Of the last 5 presidents ronald reagan took the highest number of executive actions with 381 during his presidency.

He's followed by bill clinton at 364.

George w.

Bush signed 291 and obama used 277.

George h-w bush used the fewest with 166 but he only served for one term.

Since taking office trump has signed 12 presidential actions.

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