Roske on Politics - November 17, 2016

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Roske on Politics - November 17, 2016

Roske on Politics - November 17, 2016

His head [music] >>lou: good morning.

It is 9:40 am which means it is time for roske on politics.

In studio with us the one and only brent roske.

How are you.

>> that cracks me up you and you love that don't you.

>> is fantastic.

>> breaking news.

I was at the iowa democrats had the next steps get together speed to the des moines social club.

>> it was packed.

>>jackie: i see a lot of young people going, what was the age range average are there?

>> a lot of young people.

I would say the majority of young people but all ages were represented.

That breakup groups.

It was packed.

It was bigger than we could ever imagine.the breaking newsis blair who i talked with last night there , he announced just 20 mitsuko comey sent me an email that he is running for the chair of the iowa democrats.

He has worked on the campaign, the sanders campaign.

Best luck to blair and other people running.

Doctor mcguire is on my show and such would not be running again for chair.

Folks like blair will be running the best of luck to everyone running.

Today we will talk about immigration.

If there was going to be a headline on this segment here is what it would be.

Trump and obama agree on immigration.

Student who would've thought.

>> you hear that very often.

Let's go to the news showing.

This is not fake news like we've been hearing about as you guys have reported on.

Facebook has been putting up a lot of fake news stories this is real news.

Abc news, august 29, 2016 which is only four shortdays after i called the election for trump, i will bring that up.

[laughter] >>lou: you might as well.

You hit on the head.

>> august 29 bc news this was her headline in regards to immigration.

Obama has deported more people than any other presidents .

That is her headline.

That is a look.

That does not sound like we have been hearing.

Let's go into the numbers.

Statistics are just stats and facts and the stories are put on top of that.

Let's dig into this article a little bit.

These arestraight quotes from the article again.

August 3 nine obama has deported more than any other president.

Obama has been referred to by immigration groups as the reporter in chief.

These are quotes from this article.

Between 2009 and 2015 he removed more than , how many people >>jackie: thousand, 50,000.

Stewing over hundred thousand .

>> between 2009 at 2015 they have removed more than 2.5 million people .

How does that stack up against other presidents?

Same article.

George w.

Bush reported 2 million.deftly in the ballpark but obama and menstruation now this is another direct quote.

In fact they and this is me parenthetically , the obama ministration, in fact they have deported more than the sum of all presidents of the 20th century as president obama's demonstration.

Another statistic.

Here's were obamaand trump start seeing eye to eye.

In 2015 91 percent of deportees were previously convicted of a crime .


91 percent.

That is nine of 10 people plus leg of the person standing next to him.

91 percent.

Here's why.

President obama directed ice which is the us immigration custom sports.

President obama directed ice to focus on criminals not families during his november 2014 executive action and immigration.

Here is the quote that i encourage the trump and menstruation to use and i will be forwarding this to trumpet ministration peer his quote back then was felons not families, criminals not children was part of what he said on november 12 14.

How does that stack up with whattrump said he will do.

Remember joni ernst roast enright this year?

I was there , i was in the building.

Here's a quote that he said from thesecond annual roast enright.

And they want i will begin swiftly removing criminal immigrants from this country .

In fact if what he said is what he is going to do and he and obama are actually in cahoots.

>>lou: they are on the same page.

>> anchorage of what watches, widely do this, lighter, initial, why do i make time .

>> i'mtrying to find common ground and build bridges.

They're saying the same things butthey are saying in different ways to incite different groups in different hedges.

In the interest of the holidays coming up , i thought we would show a nice little story that came out at the white house this week .

A six-year-old wrote a letter to our president about what he would like to do for syrian refugees.

I thought it was very sweet and thoughtful and let's take a look >> dear presidentobama, remember the boy who was picked up by the ambulancein syria to mac can you please go get him and bring him to our home ?

Parked in the driveway or on the street .

We will be waiting .

We will give him a family and he will be our brother.

Tell him my little sister will be good [indiscernable] in my school i have a friend from syria .i will introduce him to him.

We can all play together.

We can invite him to birthday parties and he will.

[indiscernable] she will share her bunny and i will share my bike.

I will teach them how to write it.

I will teach himaddition and subtraction .

Those are the words of a six-year-old boy.

He teaches us a lot.

They humanity that a young child can display who has not learned to be cynical or suspicious or fearful of other people because of where they are fromor how they look or how they pray , wecan all learn .

[indiscernable] >>jackie: what a cute boy.

>> that's my story from today.

Between insulated sunday's program you will see the whole thing takes place in the event last night.

I chat with newly elected state senator nate bolton appeared he was just elected to state senate as well as we elected representative kale iowa democrats like rick smith and a bunch of other folks.

Tune in to see whether democrats plan on doing next to odessa sunday >>lou: before we let you get out of here, we have toask about the whole turkey situation .

What is the story with the turkeys we from thanksgiving .

[laughter] >>lou: this footage is making the roundshere .

>> yesterday i was editing my program actually .

I was doing some bumpersfilm last night.

Look of an ac the tail feathers go bythe window .

There were those that go all the way to the floor .

>>lou: where is this at.

>> this is valley junction.

I was staying at a friends house.

Looked up and i saw the tail feathers related what is that.

I stepped out it took me this long, they were right in front of the door so i grabbed my phone and i started filming.

There's a photograph i put upon facebook too.

They were making their escape .

>>jackie: that is not normal for wild turkeys to be that close in aresidential area >> there's nobody else outside.

They were hanging around their it hey guys what you doing and they kind o scurried away.

>>jackie: tell our story .

[laughter] >> tell everyone.we are good people.

Maybe i looked hungry.

They scooted right down .

Behind here is the river is doing so they were just changing over.>> it was the worst thing.

I glanced and i saw it took me, the phone had to charge her.

Those are real turkeys , fourof them just marching through valley junctionneighborhood.

>>jackie: did you pardon one?

>> i did not have pardon .

>>lou: welcome to mutual of iowa wild kingdom .

He is brent roske he captures wildlife in a residential neighborhood purified that what he

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