Tryouts for Atlanta Braves

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Published on August 21, 2018 -

Tryouts for Atlanta Braves

Players from all over converged at NIACC to display their skills for Atlanta Braves scouts

Tryouts for Atlanta Braves

For the atlanta braves mason city, ia baseball players from across the country converged on niacc this morning to see if they can make it to the big leagues.

Players from not just iowa and minnesota but also illinois - kansas - and even california tried out in front of a few scouts with the atlanta braves - with players from all positions demonstrating their pitching - catching and hitting skills.

Ricky monbrod has been dreaming of playing for a professional team - and has been practicing to get braves tryouts-sot-1 lowerthird2line:ricky monbrod crystal lake, il "definitely.

It's for everyone right?

Everyone who plays baseball wants to be in the mlb."

Lowerthird2line:kevin barry midwest scouting supervisor, atlanta braves "giving the opportunity to fulfill their lifelong dreams, and to be able to play at the next level, is definitely a blessing."

Tryouts were originally supposed to be held outdoors at roosevelt field - but due to last night's rainfall...they were moved indoors to the niacc recreation center.

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